Third, be made after establishing law and order

Third, stop exaggerating foreign role in our troubles. Doubtless, there is a Pakistani ‘hand’ at work in Kashmir. This is shortsighted of Pakistan.

Still the roots of the trouble in Kashmir are Indian and local. Fourth, stop trying to buy off Kashmiri secession. This does not mean that Government should neglect employment schemes; industrialization for the valley, and other economic measures, but it should proceed sensibly and pay due regard to normal economic and other considerations. Fifth, the government authorities should admit their mistakes and try to rectify them.

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People understand that human beings and administrative systems also commit mistakes. But they want admission of and efforts to rectify them. Such periodic gestures by politicians and officials will be effective in signaling the sincerity of efforts to meet local demands and assuage local feelings. The strength of Indian Union lies in its democratic and secular structure. In the face of social pluralism and local disaffections it has maintained a relatively open political arena and thereby pre-empted, co-opted or accommodated pluralism and disaffection. The main mechanism for this has been a relatively honest electoral system. So the government should announce it is moving towards free and fair elections in Kashmir. But this announcement should be made after establishing law and order in Kashmir.

The terrorists and secessionists, who want to destroy our country, must be crushed. We should have negotiations only with those persons who are patriotic and believe in the Indian Constitution.


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