But breakfast and started making preparations for

But I spent the last Sunday in a differ­ent way, in fact, I had to do so. The twentieth birthday of my friend, Rakish, fell on last Sunday. In the early morning, I went to congratulate him. He said to me, “I am glad that you have come.” He was going to send a message to me to come, as I was expected to arrange his birthday party which was to be given in the evening. So, the whole day I had to stay with Rakish at his house.

We took our breakfast and started making preparations for the party. It was to be a simple affair, not a big show, to be sure. Yet, Rakish cherished my presence greatly. We went to the market and brought the birthday cake and so many sweets and snacks, as also colorful candles, a knife, balloons and buntings, golden caps etc.

I brought for myself a dainty electronic watch to be presented to Rakish as my birthday gift. After lunch, we had a short nap. Now it was afternoon. The friends and guests started coming. Rakish was wearing his best dress. I had also meanwhile arranged to fetch my best clothes from my house. Everybody was

All was agog. As Rakish blew out nineteen candles fixed in the cake there was a loud clapping with everybody saying,” Happy Birthday to Rakish.” After cake-cutting ceremony there was a sumptu­ous feast. There was dance; there were songs and tit-bits. People congratulated and thanked Rakish for the feast.

The latter thanked me for the helping hand I had lent to him. I returned home late at night.


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