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Many at times we may have been given a ‘NO’ signal by our parents for the needs that we have raised, but when we present it to our Grandma, they get the deal done for us. That is the greatness and love they hold for us. They only want to see the happy faces of their little ones. Every one of us has two grandmas, our father’s mother and our mother’s mother. Both of them have equal love for us and compete to express their love. In some cases, maybe only one of them would be there by the time we reach an age to enjoy and play with them.

Sometimes, if we are unfortunate, we may not be lucky to experience the love and care they give for us. Every house is enlightened when there is an elderly person in the family. As they are old enough and have seen life much more than us, they could guide us and instruct us as to what is right and what is wrong. When a Grandma is there in the house, there are many good things that could take place, especially among the young children. She could teach those rhymes, prayers, values in life, mould a good character right from the young age and help the child to understand the moral values in life, which is lacking in the nuclear family these days. Once the base is right for a child at a very young age, they will never forget what they have learnt throughout their lives.

Having grandparents at home is a blessing. It is a relief for the parents and also a support for the family. At any difficult situation, they are always there to lend a helping hand and help us to walk through the problem and out. Spending time with them is enjoyable and they too in return take pleasure in the time that we spent with them.

I truly miss my Grandma, we were very intimate and I do really have some good memories that I have spent with her. She was a real asset for us and I was lucky to be with her for about 23 years of my life, and each and every moment she has taught me lessons that have been and will be with me through my life. Their love for you is unconditional, love them the same way, you will be blessed.


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