In a summit of the ASEAN with the Chinese leaders in October, 2006, Arroyo clarified once again that China was no longer a threat to the region. Philippines have been struck by a number of natural disasters especially typhoons arising out of the coastal areas. Hundreds of people were killed when the typhoons hit the country. Besides the loss of life, there was also a great devastation of property. The Islamic secessionists remain strong and not infrequently hold hostages to get their demands fulfilled. She attended the APEC Summit held in Singapore in November 2009 and conducted important negotiations with her counterparts from other members of the group.

The Abu Sayyaf gang remains on the loose spreading fear and awe amongst the foreign tourists and local residents. In October, 2007, presidential pardon was granted to Estrada, former President (1998) who was accused of embezzlement of large sums of money. Arroyo strongly stressed for a charter of Human Rights Declaration by the ASEAN in Nov. 2007 during the summit in Singapore.

She was critical of the situation in Myanmar.


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