We this. The reason for this is

We often fail at our tests in life which naturally leads to frustration and disappointment.

Yet God hides the future from us. He knows that often the passage of some more time, our days of hardship will disappear, yet he does not let us know this. The reason for this is that God wants us to become stronger in spirit.

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He puts us through difficult times so that the suffering we undergo makes us more patient, sensitive, enduring and self-reliant. Suffering also makes us more compassionate towards our fellow beings. When we see our neighbour in trouble we can understand h is plight only when we too have undergone a similar fate.

God hides the future from us so that we may be able to cherish the good things that are going to come. We learn to value our blessings more when they come to us in small doses. It is a known aspect of human nature that we value those things most which we have to struggle for. If we knew our future we would step working heard for anything in our lives. We would sit back-resigned to our fate and infect we would become quite useless indeed.

By hiding our future from us God plays with us. He enjoys seeing us improve ourselves as human beings. He wants each of his children to be independent and God fearing. He loves us a lot and wants us to love him too.

Thus he remains the controller of our destinies and always treats us with great love and compassion.


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