‘Ties in their own way but they have

‘Ties a lesson you should heed: Try, try again! Till at last you do succeed Try, try again!” All the great men of the world- the religious reformers, the scientists and others were men of great determination. They had to face great obstacles in the fulfillment of their mission.

But they persevered relent­lessly and at last they were able to achieve their aim. In life we find sometimes a man failing in one particular profession. But he suc­ceeds in some other field simply if he goes on trying to know where his real aptitude lies. Failure in one field does not mean failure in all fields. A man who does not lose heart and goes on trying, at last gets vast experience in various fields.

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At last a time comes when he gets success in almost all ventures. A stu­dent who cannot pull on well in one subject or discipline may change his option; he is more likely to succeed in the new field if he works consistently and under somebody’s able guidance. It is rightly said that failures are the stepping stones to success. They may seem worthless in their own way but they have their inherent value. A political party which is routed in one election may carry the day in the next poll.

The same is the case with players on the play-ground, indeed, with everybody in life.


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