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They point to the dismal results of the last many years. The pace of social and economic change has been far too slow and the governments in most of the under-developed countries have failed to come to grips the problems which face the people. What they say is no doubt true to some extent but it is pertinent to remember that every alternative to democracy, while it in no way guarantees greater integrity or efficiency in the administration, lacks even the saving merit regimes which based on the suffrage of the people, leave it to the people to find out, by trial and error, who is their best friend. The people can peacefully get rid of a democratic government which has failed to keep its promise; they can overthrow a dictatorial regime only through a violent revolution. Those who feel sore over the ills from which democratic regime suffers should be wary therefore of suggesting a cure which is likely to undermine the democratic structure of the State the people can at least raise their voice of protest against the injustices of a democratic government; they can only suffer in silence the tyranny of a regime which is responsible to no one but itself.

Important Points to Remember about this Essay: 1. The change from democracy to authoritarianism in many Asian countries creates doubts about suitability of western method in underdeveloped countries. 2. Illiterate voter’s lead incompetent persons reach top resulting in corruption. 3. Party rivalry obstructs government work.

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4. Social and economic problems continue. 5. But any alternative deprives people of establishing an efficient government through trial and error. 6. A bad democratic government can be removed peacefully, a dictator, through violence. 7.

People suggesting alternative should be careful in undermining democratic structure. 8. Democracy allows protest against injustice. In other forms people suffer silently.


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