As resentments, disappointment, frustration and annoyance. To do

As Thomas Carlyle said, ‘Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves.’ Go alone into the quietest place available and sit or lie down for 15 minutes.

Do not talk to anyone. Do not read. Think as little as possible. This may be difficult at first because thoughts are stirring up in your mind, but practice will make it easier. Conceive of your mind as the surface of a body of water and see how nearly unruffled you can make it.

Then try to listen for the deeper sounds of harmony and beauty and of God that are to be found in the essence of silence. There is a simple formula to attain serenity which works as a healing balm for too strenuous pace. Try it several times a day and you will find it effective. First, collapse physically.

Let go off every muscle in the body. Form a mental picture of a huge sack of potatoes. Then mentally cut the sack, allowing the potatoes to roll out. Think of yourself as the sack. What is more relaxed than the empty potato sack? The second element in the formula is to drain the mind of all irritation, resentments, disappointment, frustration and annoyance. To do this, think of the most beautiful and peaceful scenes you know-a mountain at sunset, a valley filled with the hush of early morning, a forest at noonday, a lake by moonlight. Third, turn the mind to God. At least three times a day lift up your eyes upto the hills.

This keeps you in tune with God’s harmony. It fills you with peace. Important Points to Remember about this Essay: 1. Life has become fast destroying our bodies, mind and soul. 2. Over stimulation produces poisons, fatigue and emotional illness. 3. One should stop abruptly to check fast pace.

4. Lie down at a lonely silent place for at least 15 minutes. Stop physical and mental activities. 5. Think mind as surface of water without ripples to listen to divine deep sounds of beauty and harmony. Try it many times.

6. Collapse physically and drain the mind totally. 7. The second stage is to think of beautiful natural objects to do away with evil thoughts.

8. Finally turn the mind to God at least three times a day. If you are in Harmony with God you are filled with eternal peace.


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