It time to time. A book is like

It is not created by special feed and grand sounds, but by visualizing the expected response from a scene No sir! You are the director in a book, albeit an inexperienced one, so the author nudges you a bit from time to time. A book is like a blank picture if which you fill the colors yourself. I am not suggesting that a movie dosing do this but a book is more subtle.

It moves at your pace and your imagination is in control. You do not see an interpretation of someone else Howe’s goad it may be. You can take it with you everywhere. It is with you before you go to bed or when you are on the bus, train or travelling by air. Reading is one of the last remaining bastions of mental privacy. Video gamely are taking over, but books are clever low tech responses and that’s while we should admire. There are times when a bunch of words can make you weep or smile while a whole load of technology may not deliver. Is it harder to read a book than watch a film? You are damn right it is! Bi that is what makes them special.

You have invested your heart, your soy your time, and your effort into it. You have connected and identified with the wood pulp packaged as a rectangular block. It becomes a part of your personality like no other film or video game is. This is a real match – Technology vs. pure human ability.

Man vs. machine, the ultimate challenge, Terminator vs. Indiana Jones. You know who I am rooting fore! The machines shall never take over!! Remember, all movies were written stories or books before they went on the idiot box.

So why not read the premiere of your own version of the film. All it takes is curiosity, patience, and imagination. Guess what! It also makes you cleverer.

Anyone can watch, but those who read will write the future!!


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