But and crops can be made resistant

But if put proper use same energy can work to transform human life to peace and prosperity the research in the uses of this energy for the welfare of mankind can add to the knowledge and welfare of humanity at large.

The most important use of this energy can be to substitute the use of present electricity in its present form. The atom can provide a source of power which can be made available anywhere and everywhere — in the farthest corners of this world; in deserts or on the snowy mountains. The sources of energy as at present — oil and coal — are gradually depleting and a time can come when these sources may get completely exhausted. In such a situation what a wonderful help can the atomic energy be. The world badly needs nuclear power. The USA and Russia have already installed power stations to supply electricity. Atomic radiation and radioactive materials can provide better production and accurate control of industries which can, by this process provide cheaper products.

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Even in agriculture this radiation can have a greater use, making the crop failure a remote possibility. The use of this radiation and this atomic energy can help in the production of vast qualities of fresh vegetable foods and the undernourished parts of the world can benefit there from. Gamma rays can help protection from Pests and crops can be made resistant to disease. Many such advantages to human effort and human life can accrue with the proper, productive and protective uses of the atomic energy. If atomic energy is properly harnessed the day would not be far when trains, cars and such other vehicles can be run by this energy. The explosion of H- bomb can help exploration of oil-deposits in porous rocks Scientists have found how a gallon of sea-water can produce more energy with the use of the hydrogen than a gallon of petrol. The United States of America launched a spacecraft named Provier-10 towards the planet Jupiter, which would take ten to twelve years to reach the atmosphere of Jupiter.

It was an arduous task to sustain this long journey and four nuclear generators were provided to keep the power going on. These are the uses to which the atomic energy can be put to and scientists should work on these lines to make this giant energy to serve humanity. Rightly it can be said —’let us have the giant’s strength but let us use it like Gods’.


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