But Pooja holidays a distant uncle visited

But some uninvited and unexpected guest drops in and makes the life of the host miserable. Last year in the Pooja holidays a distant uncle visited us. Throughout my life I had not seen him before. It was quite late at night when he knocked at the door of our house. We all were sleeping Firstly I tried to ignore the call but he continued to knock at the door. I got up with anger to see who the foolish man is knocking at the door at this late hour. At the gate I saw a stranger, I asked him what is the matter and whom he wanted to meet and who he was He told me that he belonged to the town of my father and his name was Ashok and he wanted to meet my father.

I asked him to wait and informed my father about the man at the door. My father came out with me and welcomed him. All the members of the family woke up.

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But the man did not care for anybody. He was speaking at a very high pitch. My mother had to prepare tea for him at that late hour. He told my mother that he was hungry as he had not taken the dinner. My mother started preparing dinner for him and most reluctantly I assisted her in preparing many items. After finishing the dinner, he continued to talk to my father. I went to my bed thinking what will happen the next morning; I will have to prepare breakfast for him.

For how many days he will stay with us. He will disturb our all the programmes, we have already chalked out, dur­ing the holidays. I didn’t know upto what time he was busy talking to my father.


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