They He knows his subject well and can

They are least concerned about the students and are more interested in performing their routine work without putting themselves to much inconvenience. They go to the class vomit what they know and come back without even trying to find out how much the students have understood.

They have no timed solve the problems of students and understand them. I think such individuals! Should never become teacher An ideal teacher is the one who loves students and can inspire them. He knows his subject well and can make it so interesting that children do not get bored. When he teaches, the students are spell bound. An ideal teacher is a good actor who can put life into any dull topic. Students want to be in the class by choice and not by force. He has a good sense of humour, can laugh at him and can also laugh with the students.

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He does not get angry easily and can enjoy each moment of being with students. He is like a friend in whom the students can confide easily without the fear of being ridiculed or criticized. An ideal teacher is kind and forgiving. He always has time to solve problems of the students. He never loses his temper with them. He is honest, disciplined, simple and humble. He never brags about what he knows and” does not try to prove that he is God and knows everything. He is ready to accept his mistakes and does not hesitate to apologize, also.

He is fun loving! And is good company to be with. He goes with us for picnics and outings and enjoys with us. He is always well dressed and looks smart.

He enjoys playing with us and can easily discuss any topic. Thus, a teacher with the above qualities is my ideal teacher. He is Mr. Murli and I love him because he has taught me to be a good human being, and has inspired me to accept all challenges of life with courage. He has taught me the value of hard work, honesty and I can do just anything for him.


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