Those original positions. Some in the queue were

Those little behind in the queue feared that soon the “house” would be “full” and they would not be able to get tickets. So they were pushing the persons in front of them. Some even tried to reach close to window by hook or crook, but others did not allow them to do so. Therefore, there was a quarrel. The policemen on duty, however, rebuked them and sent them back to their original positions. Some in the queue were smoking.

It was objected to by the others. Two young men were caught by the police while trying to sell tickets in the black- market. The persons who had already got the tickets were loitering here and there.

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They spent their time in looking at the pictures of some of them were eating pop-corns or snacks. Others were taking tea and so on and so forth. Soon the manager appended the small board “House Full” outside the booking window. Those who had got the tickets felt as if they had won some great battle. I was one of them. Those who could not get tickets felt dismayed.

Some of them did not lose heart. They tried to go into make a personal request to the manager, naming someone known to him or trying to convince him that it was imperative for them to see the film. Some even looked for some black-marketers. Then the bell rang and I entered “the dark paradise” along with other carefree precisionists.


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