With nicotine as its chief ingredient. I re­quested

With great difficulty and facing abuses from fellow-passengers, I made some head­way in the bus, although I felt as if I were getting suffocated. I gasped for breath. In a moment of anger, some ‘kind’ hefty man pushed me forward. I fell over other passen­gers who called me ‘a fool’, ‘a ruffian’, ‘a barbarian’ and what not.

One of the men behind me was smoking a ‘biro’. My lungs were soon full with its smoke which I’m told has nicotine as its chief ingredient. I re­quested him to take pity on me and stop smoking.

He gave me jerk, called me names and wanted to slap me but by God’s grace relented. I rather thanked him for this “pity” At every stoppage there was a scramble between those who wanted to alight from and those who wanted to board the bus. There was a great din and noise. As after more than an hour, the bus reached my destination, I heaved a sigh of relief.

I alighted from the bus. But what relief? My pocket had been picked, my shirt was torn, my legs were aching and my heart was sinking. What a journey!


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