This tank with multi-coloured fragrant flowers. There

This year, with my friends, I went to see the Mughal Garden in February. In a very jovial mood we reached there. The day was pleas­ant and sunny. There was no entry ticket.

The gate of Mughal garden was soon in sight. When we entered the garden we felt as if we were in paradise, pollution of any type was unthinkable there. There were stone footpaths in between grass lawns having green velvet like grass. There were many types of flowers all around. Their fragrant smell was there all around.

The different types of coloured flowers were giv­ing a very good look all around. There were bushes being cut into the shapes of different animals. There were rose flowers of different colours- red, pink, yellow, white and black of enormous size. There we saw Bara Dari. The path to that place was covered by creepers and blossoms.

There was a circular tank with multi-coloured fragrant flowers. There was a very grassy plot. In the middle of that there was a fountain having beautiful lotus flowers. They were dancing with the blow­ing breeze. Now it was evening so,we left the garden unwillingly.


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