Terrorism arms transfer controls. Sharing of information

Terrorism is an act that causes one or more people to experience a state of extreme fear and acts of violence. It not only intimidates invoice people but causes panic also.

It has been practiced not only by terrorists bi by political organizations, national and religious groups, by revolutionary- and even by state institutions such as armies, intelligence etc. A terrorist hr no religion-his mission is to kill and avenge. A terrorist just revels in kid he knows no mercy even for an innocent child.

He targets innocent people because they are the most vulnerable group. One needs to understand that terrorism can not flourish without adequate financial support and this kind of support is forthcoming from some states and countries which become safe haven to terrorists. All countries will to review and strengthen their border security operations, banking practices, custom and immigration procedures, law enforcement, intelligence co­operation and arms transfer controls. Sharing of information is also important to control this dragon before it destroys us completely. All the terrorisll organizations should be banned and states supporting such organizations should be isolated.


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