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The Prize Day is the annual feature of every school. It is the most awaited Event for the achievers. It is the recognition of the hard work put in by al student through out the year. The sound of applause, when the student goes! up to the stage, to claim his prize, fills him with immense, pride and joy.

The parents of the child and the teachers are choked with emotions when they see their loved one accepting the award. It is indeed a momentous occasional for one and all. The best thing about the Annual day in our school is that! Maximum students get an opportunity to show case their potential and get chance to be on the stage. Students and teachers start preparing for this big day at least two months in advance. Many students crave to be selected for the cultural programme. Hectic activity starts with students rushing to the theatre and dance room for the audition. It is a difficult time for teachers to decide whom! to choose and whom to leave. There are many, who have to go back disappointed; nevertheless, they are accommodated in other roles.

The mainly caste goes to the best amongst all. Moreover it is also seen whether the personality of the child suits the role he/she is given. In our school the Annual day Cultural programme is done with great passion and very professionally. The Annual day usually begins with the presentation of the Annual report by the Principal and ends with a speech by the Chief Guest, followed by a vote of thanks moved by the Parent’s Representative. The best part is when acknowledging the hard work of the staff and students the Chairman of the school announces a holiday which is welcomed with so much cheer that the whole auditorium resounds with the screams of joy of students and why not? it is a well deserved award for all- the achievers as well as the participants. After two months of hard work the show is ready for presenting on the stage.

An eminent personality is invited to be the Chief Guest. All the parents also witness this grand show. This year we had presented ‘Mirza Ghalib” and relived the era of this great poet and revolutionary. The best thing about this play was that students were made to learn ‘Urdu’ and also appreciate Urdu poetry.

Many Urdu scholars, politicians, eminent judges and actors were special invitees.


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