Take with life! need some adventure and

Take a magic wand, wave it, and say ‘Abra ka Dabra’ and loll you are in the wonderland of books. If you wish to become a hero, a Knight of the Victorian : era – just go to the bookshelf, which has books written by writers in that era, relive that era, feel it and become one with the character. If you wish to become a lord of the Victorian times pick up a book written by Barbara Cortland and experience the grandeur, suspense, romance of that age. Bored with life! need some adventure and thrill! – Choose a book and bury yourself in it — you will not know how time will fly. Discover and explore for yourself this world of books. There will never be a dull moment in your life – such is this place – my school library.

This beautiful room, with open shelves, containing nearly 25,000 books, on different fields, subjects and languages, is my favorite haunt. All books are hard bound in rich maroon colour, with the title and the writer’s name written in gold letters. Oh! each book is so inviting that you are tempted to open a few and feel them before choosing the one you wish to read. The shelves are divided into sections, with a neatly embossed plate, indicating the broad category of books, making it easy for one to select the book of his/ her choice.

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As you enter the library, you are welcomed by the state of the art furniture, beautifully designed tables of different shapes giving it an extraordinarily interesting ambience. Different nooks and corners are created for providing privacy to readers who want to indulge in self study. These are so aesthetic in taste that one can not help but dig into the book of his choice in these lovely spots. There are computers placed at different locations. There is a provision for reading digital books also. At the entry point of the library, there is a computer containing the catalogue of all the books.

It is of great help as it enables you to use your time wisely because you can log on to the computers and go through the list of books and their availability. The librarian and the assistant librarians also help you in the selection of books. There are two racks which display the current arrivals; Four racks display magazines and newspapers. There is a notice, prominently placed in the library, indicating the code of conduct for the users. Pin drop silence is maintained, as a matter of fact, peace and serenity has a remarkably soothing effect on your mind which stimulates you to enter the world of books. My school library is a treat for the eyes, with a number of nooks and corners aesthetically designed, for avid readers to relish reading in privacy, undisturbed, in their very own space. These are the favourite haunts for thirsty minds.

The aura of mystery created around them makes them all the more desirable and tempting. Beautiful flower decorations make the library Seductive. The pleasant and soft voice of the librarian and the soft instrumental music makes you feel wanted and cherished. It is natural that a library, such as ours, is the most inviting place in school, throbbing with life, casting a spell on teachers and students, alike.


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