The handles outside some carriages. They stood

The villagers were sitting on the floor or on their boxes. Some gentle­men were walking up and down the platform.

Every now and then they were looking in the direction from which the train was scheduled to come. There was a great rush of hawkers at the platform. They were trying at the top of their voice in order to sell their goods. When the distant signal became yellow, they felt happy. They knew the train would shortly arrive. As soon as they caught sight of the engine, they got ready. All stood up. There was a movement on the platform.

Some people put their bundles on their heads. Others held them under their arm pits. Some engaged coolies for their luggage. Ladies caught hold of the arms of their children. When the train arrived, all got ready. All were anxious to get seats.

The passengers who wished to get down opened the doors. The other people who were eager to get into the compartment, tried to get in. There was a great tussle between them. After a little discussion the in­going passengers made way for the out-going passengers. There were seats only for a few passengers and not for all. Those who got in, got seats or remained standing. Others were running up and down the plat­form to find room for them.

When they failed to get room in the compartments, they caught hold of the handles outside some carriages. They stood on the foot boards. Members of the station staff looked busy with their duties. The ticket collector was at the gate.

He collected tickets from the passengers. The hawkers went up and down with their wares. All were busy. After a few minutes the engine gave a long whistle and the train left the plat­form.

When the train left, the crowd melted away. The hawkers went to some other platforms. They stopped their crying. The station staff re­tired to their rooms. The platform became dull.


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