The the magic from a rainy day

The sky may be overcast, but the flowers are in full bloom. All around, it is like the earth is coming alive, celebrating life itself. The smell of rain when it hits the hot earth is what memories are made of in the subcontinent. A rainy day is a lot of fun for kids. As they step out of their homes, umbrellas in hand and make their way down to school, the roads are transformed in to a rainbow of colors. Elbowing each other with their umbrellas, stealinga few raindrops here and there, jumping in puddles; a rainy day is a time to rejoice for the young. Nothing can be more fun than playing football in the rain. Slipping, falling, and sliding with the occasional goal thrown in while the rain pours on to you incessantly is possible only on a rainy day and it is the stuff that youth fun is made up of.

As for the adults, a rainy day when one has to go to work can be unwelcome. Circling the puddles, while hanging on to an umbrella and a briefcase, all the while keeping an eye on the road to make sure that a passing vehicle does not splash you with muck can be both grueling and cumbersome. It could take away the magic from a rainy day but of course nothing that a steaming cup of tea, a mug of coffee, and a plate of hot snacks (bhajjis) wouldn’t remedy.

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The pitter patter of raindrops makes for soothing music to the soul and many music albums have been inspired by it. In Indian music, a raga is a melody which is based on a series of notes. Raga Megha and Raga Malhar are associated with rainy season and when they are sung on a rainy day they create magic. Such is the impact of rains on our senses that no Bollywood movie is complete without at least one scene of the hero and heroine frolicking in the rain. On a serious note, rain means everything to farmers. In an agricultural country like India rains can affect the economy. No rain could mean water shortage and a famine too. While rain is good for the crops and they thrive on it, several rainy days could mean excess rain to the extent that the crops could be destroyed.

A rainy day in the monsoon season is welcome, but a rainy day in warm weather could mean destruction of fruits like the mango. It could spell the ruin of certain crops. The true delight of a rainy day is when one sees a rainbow. Rainbows cause a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines on to droplets of moisture. This multicolored arc, which has seven colors in all, is a pleasure for the eyes to behold for both the young and old. All in all a rainy day is a day that fills you with joy and calm and soothes your soul even if it might sometimes be inconvenient.


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