Shoplifting A lot of stores will have only

Shoplifting is a major problem in today’s society. People get tempted to not pay for something and just hide it in order to save their own money. Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes committed by teenagers. Some people believed that shoplifting may be okay, if in certain situations.

But that isn’t true. Shoplifting is a crime and it is illegal for a reason. There are no excuses for stealing. Shoplifting affects everyone in your community, including yourself. Stores are trying to lower the amount of shoplifting by making punishments harsher. After I’ve been caught stealing I found out how wrong it truly is and how it is a disadvantage to everyone. Many shoplifters have different reasons for shoplifting.

Some people will steal something and then bring it back into the store to try and get money for it. Some will go in groups and have one person distract the clerk while the others steal. Most people just find blind spots and put items in their pockets or bags. Some stores tell employees not to stop shoplifters for safety or lawsuit reasons and because calling the cops might end up costing them more than a $2 item. A lot of stores will have only one or two cameras or some fake cameras because security costs too much. Installing fake cameras can actually make a significant difference.

Shoplifting affects the community in many big ways. The stores don’t make a lot of money for every item, because they have to buy it first before they can sell it. Every shoplifter that takes a product, which costs money by the store, causes a setback, which adds more debt to a store. Some stores might even be forced to close down because shoplifters make the store go bankrupt. Some stores raise their prices when they are having financial troubles because of people shoplifting their products.

But, the people that don’t shoplift just end up having to pay more for the product or they go somewhere else to shop. If the customer goes to a different store because of the prices increases, that store will also lose business and could lead to them to go out of business if enough customers leave. Every time someone steals from a store, that store is set back that much money and might have to fire someone. Loss of inventory from stores, due to shoplifting and employee theft cost the United States retail industry nearly $48.9 billion in 2016.Shoplifting can also majorly affect you and your future. If you have shoplifting on your record it can be much more difficult to get a job and get into colleges.

Some people don’t want people who break laws working for them or who are untrustworthy. No matter what the situation is, it is never okay to steal. When you shoplift, you are committing a crime and it comes with major consequences. Stealing is morally wrong and it is against the law.

It greatly affects you and the people around you. It is not worth the risk and I am sorry for what I did.


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