Shock. let her win- “I … I


The only feeling that runs through me,Is shock.That huge red ‘F’ circled on my page is the worst feelingknown to man.Bilious at the thought of what my parents will say once theysee this,”Can I not show them?””You idiot! They have Adam!””So? They don’t ever use it, they won’t see…””ZARA!!!!””Shit” I cannot describe the disappointing look stamped on my parent’sface, waving that pesky assignment around their head like a chicken on RoshHashana. All I could think of was to pray for the ground to just swallow me upand take me to the pits of hell below- it would be paradise compared to what myparents were about to unleash upon me- but the floor stood still, perfectly stillleaving me defenceless to deafening of my parent’s lecture ringing in my ears.  “Mom it doesn’t count for my report””I don’t care Zara! This is unacceptable!””But mom…

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“”No buts Zara! This is solely duo to your lack of working onit”-Her words were true, very true but I couldn’t let her win-“I … I just didn’t understand the work””Really? Because your teacher wrote that you knew the workand she doesn’t know what went wrong. Why lie! Just admit you didn’t take itseriously”-Well Shit -“I’m sorry mom””Just go to your room” She was right, rather than me working on it like I was meantto me stayed up and watched YouTube and Netflix. -it was at this moment that I realised that I needed theseterrible habits- “Alright class, this assignment is due on Thursday” -it’s Monday-“I expect all of you to do it and hand it in”This is it! My time to prove them all wrong! Book after book I read, page after page, word after word,every single detail of information needed to be perfect, hell this damn assignmentneeded to be perfect! I put my head and heart into this assignment that by Thursday2am I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat at the sight of this beautiful 3000-wordmaster piece.They say the hardest part about assignments is waiting forthem well boy that’s both right and wrong! What about my 48 hours of work I putin that isn’t child’s play its child labour! Sure, it’s stressful waiting forthe marks but it isn’t the pressure that will start World War III for god sake,it will be fine! Wait… who am I trying to convince here, you or me? That doesn’t matter all I need to focus about is that Acingthat assignment and then the next and then the next just to show my mom that Ican do it. Finally, Monday morning arrives, later than ever but itarrives! All that’s on my mind is getting those results and ensuring that theyare perfect, no matter what!Finally, the bell rings,Great! Time for the lesson.Confidently I take a seat in my desk with a cheeky grinplastered on my face waiting for class to begin.Finally, 10 minutes later it does with my teacher enteringfrom the door holding a stack of paper,Yes!!! She marked them!”Good morning class.

As you can see I have your assignmentshere, some of you did superbly while others have a lot of work to do to reach yourpotential marks.”The she proceeds to call out names,”Josh, well done, Sarah, nice, Alex, see after class, Zara-“Panic starts flooding my body, what if I failed again!Slowly walking to her desk, she seems to be smiling at me,phew! Relief runs through me.She hands it to me and says…   “Well, well done Zara I knew you could do it!”As I say thank you she hands me my paper, but I don’t lookat it until I was back at my desk, slowly I turn it over to see it right there infront of me a beautiful A + WHOOOOOOO! I did it!!I was over the moon, past the starts and on Mars withexcitement!Nothing is going to ruin my day!Just then like any normal human would do I sent a picture tomom and boy you thought I was happy about my mark, my mom told the entirefamily!!Just then I finally realised that I can do well, no not justwell, do amazingly!!I realised that failure isn’t set in stone, you just needthat push to succeed, yet success isn’t permanent either its all in the workyou put in and that is what will determine what marks you will receive in theend. Persistence is the key to success, oh and lots and I mean lots ofassignments! 


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