Shirley potential modern slavery victims were minors

Shirley Zheng Mrs.Vinkovich English 10 17 Nov 17 Human Trafficking in the United KingdomOn August 10, 2017 Will Ker, the National Crime Agency’s director, says that about 111 arrests were related to human trafficking with an estimate of 130 victims in the UK. Human Trafficking has been a problem in the United Kingdom that is failing to be treated. Modern slavery and Human trafficking is seen to be much worse than expected in Britain. Human Trafficking is where people are trafficked by the use of force, fraud, or some sort to get some type of work or commercial sex act. People who are trafficked are most likely used for making a profit. People commonly report that traffickers make about $32 Billion dollars a year just by trafficking girls and woman. People who worked at car washes and in construction were also a form of trafficking because they received very low pay, and they were forced to put up with poor living conditions (Grierson).  Human trafficking in the United Kingdom is failing to prevent their people from being trafficked, the law enforcement of the UK is doing a poor job keeping their citizens safe, and solutions must be found soon before the rates of trafficking increase any higher. The police of the United Kingdom are failing to do their job to catch the people who are behind human trafficking (Bulman). The police are sorry and they are guilty for not being to catch the traffickers. Investigators say that they found a Chinese woman who could be one of the victims of slavery and human trafficking. After the police revisited the location that they found the woman at, the place had already been wiped out and there were no trails of the woman. The police now suspect that she may be at risk of continuously being used for economic benefit and re-trafficking. Children are also being failed by the authorities, with figures that demonstrate that about 34% of the potential modern slavery victims were minors (Bulman).  Just recently, on August 11th, 2017, there was an imprisonment of a group of eighteen men in the northern city of Newcastle for sexually abusing girls that are in their teenage years. The gang assaulted thirteen white girls and women, aged from fifteen to their early twenties. After drugging them or threatening them with violence at especially-convened parties, often referred to “Sessions”-where they were provided with drugs and alcohol. (SyndiGate media). The enforcement of law clearly needs to be checked out on by the government because the law enforcement is starting to fall apart. According to Saint Mary’s University, law enforcement in general has not been seen to provide an effective and reasonable solution to human trafficking, regardless of whether it was a reduced risk or high profit organized crime. The police feel that investigating on human trafficking is time consuming, complex, and lengthy and costly. Because of all of these problems that the police officers feel, they think that it makes them a facile target to eliminate when there is no champion. Police officers should know what constitutes human trafficking, labour exploitation, and forced criminality. The following that was listed in the last sentence was essential knowledge requirements for a police officer. Many front line police have a limited amount of awareness about human trafficking and so as a result, they are unable to respond appropriately (Duke). If police officers are not able to effectively solve these cases and they feel that they can potentially harm their clients, then the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) will not be willing to engage with them. In order for police officers to effectively give a good response they need to ask the victims specific questions, but they can’t determine who the victims right now.  The NGO provides financial aid to people who have been affected by immense disasters.  Police officers rely on victims to get additional information that could help solve the case. After the police have talked to the victims, they hand the victims over to the NGO so that they can do their part and protect the victim after they have talked about devastating events.Although the police officers are barely able to give a clear response to the citizens, they are working to find solutions to stop and prevent human trafficking (Grierson). The National Referral Mechanism (NRM) is currently involved in solving the cases and they identify the victims of trafficking and make sure that they receive protection and support. The community feels that it is unacceptable for the government did not monitor the re-trafficking of victims and suggested reform to the NRM had to include where victims had to be processed through the framework more than once (Duke). Another organization that helps with human trafficking in general is Hope for Justice. This company has ‘hubs’ that victims can go to if they simply do not want to work with the police. Most of the people that are victims do not want to go to the police for help or work with them because they come from notorious policing or because they have been inculcated with a fear of the United Kingdom authorities by their trafficker. This company stages four phases that are used to help victims, and the phases are training, investigation and rescue, advocacy, and restoration. Hope for Justice supports and aids victims on context that can go from criminal complaints against their trafficker to housing, employment, and welfare issues. Their survivor care team works closely and carefully with the victims to infiltrate them into government-funded safe houses: ” Our mission is that we exist to bring an end to modern slavery by rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society” (Hope For Justice).  This shows that they have the potential of helping with human trafficking because they do so much and they are committed to fixing modern slavery. Because of these organizations, people who are victims can get help without going through police and the NGO to get help (Hope For Justice). Because of the UK failing to prevent their citizens from being trafficked and poor law enforcement, many people will continue to be exposed to the risk of being trafficked. If the law enforcement does not improve soon then many people will suffer from being forced into doing things that they may not want to do. There are police working on tracking the traffickers down, but they still struggle to keep up with the speed of traffickers. If people are lucky enough to be rescued from trafficking then they should turn to the police or any of the programs mentioned because the programs really help after they’ve got out of the scary situation. The programs and the police will gladly aid them and take care of their needs. Works Cited Page Radzilowski, John. “Human Trafficking and Slavery.” American Immigration: An Encyclopedia of Political, Social, and Cultural Change, edited by James Ciment and John Radzilowski, 2nd ed., Sharpe Reference, 2014, pp. 431-436. Gale Virtual Reference Library, Accessed 1 Nov. 2017.”Human trafficking worse than thought in UK, says new report.” Arab News Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 11 Aug. 2017. 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