Sheida and golden Persian miniatures surround the margin

Sheida Pebdani
ENGL 1301
Professor: Dr. HasellIsfahan, a dazzling city in Iran, is home to much of the country’s ancient culture and art, and it is also where I was born. Being raised in such an artistic city, I quickly developed a passion for learning about the history of art and culture. One of my favorite places in Isfahan is Vank Cathedral. Vank Cathedral looks very simple. There is a large dome on the top of the building which almost looks like a mosque dome and the walls are made of hard clay. Indistinguishable from most buildings in Isfahan. However, once you step inside you are transported into a new world! Colorful paintings depicting Biblical scenery cover every inch of the walls and golden Persian miniatures surround the margin of each painting. Also, there are many old bridges in Isfahan that are very important to tourists. If one likes to enjoy the running water and capture some beautiful picture must visit there during the day. However, if one likes to enjoy hearing folklore songs must visit those bridges at night, that is when the Singers come out to sing. Isfahan is not a city with long business towers and modern subways. but its historical buildings and beautiful gardens has been enough to make it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.


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