SHAREHOLDER the business organization is to maximize the

   SHAREHOLDER VALUE 1. What is the goal of financial management for business organizations? Would this diminish the organization’s willingness to meet social objectives and obligations?   Themain purpose of the business organization is to maximize the profit. Thefinancial management is the branch which deals with the money or fundmanagement of the organization properly so that the goal or the profit can beachieved with minimal resource and effort utilization. The account shows themoney in terms of number but the role of finance manager is to allocate moneyaccording to theme of business organization.

Socialobjectives and obligation are the roles that need to be performed according to therules of the locality where organization is operating. Every businessorganization nowadays has corporate social responsibility and they invest someamount of money for this purpose. Financial management actually do not diminishthe organization’s willingness to meet social objectives and obligationsinstead it can play a unique role so that both can go parallel withoutcolliding each other values.    NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS 2. Identify a non-profit organization and state their mission statement.

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What kind of financial management goals would be appropriate, and how would you measure success in fulfilling those goals?  Oneof the not for profit organization operating in Canada is University ofManitoba, and the mission is “To create, preserve, communicate and applyknowledge, contributing to the cultural, social and economic well-being of thepeople of Manitoba, Canada and the world.”Unlikefor profitable organization increasing shareholder interest, financialmanagement for the nonprofit organization goal is to maximize the profit forthe society and stakeholder interest and provide socially desirable needs. Theyneed to utilize the money given to the organization by the donor and satisfythem by investing that money on social interest.     3.

Identify a publicly traded for-profit company approved by the instructor. Describethe business using a maximum of four sentences.Rogers Communications Inc. isa leading telecommunication company operating in Canada and provide theservices like telephony, high speed internet, cable television for bothbusiness and individuals. Shares for Rogers are traded in Toronto StockExchange (TSX: RCI.A and RCI.B) and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: RCI).  FINANCIALSTATEMENT ANALYSIS 4.

 Using our lecture discussions and the textbookTable 4.5 as a guide, select and prepare five (5) financial ratio calculationsto analyze the performance of your chosen company. Explain your findings usinga maximum of five (5) sentences to clearly convey your assessment of theirfinancial performance.Thedocument used for the ratio analysis in available in this online link stored in

pdf 1.Working Capital Ratio Thisratio measures the health of the organization and indicates how much anorganization is capable of meeting its liabilities or financial obligations..The workingcapital ratio is calculated by dividing currentassets by currentliabilities.WorkingCapital Ratio  =  = 0.5026 Thevalue 0.

5026 indicates that there could be potential liquidity problems as theratio of 1.5 to 2 is considered as the solid financial condition. 2.Quick RatioAlsoknown as the acidtest, this ratio subtracts inventories from current assets,before dividing that figure into liabilities. It shows how well currentliabilities are covered by cash and by items with a ready cash value.Inventory, on the other hand, takes time to sell and convert into liquidassets, that is why we subtract them for the quick ratio.

QuickRatio=  =  = 0.4410Highervalue of quick ratio means the company is in better liquid cash position andnot relying on sales of its inventory or other assets to pay its short termliabilities. Here, the number 0.4410 is below 1 so that Rogers communication needto sales its inventory quickly.  3.Return on equity (ROE)            This ratio reveals how much profitdoes organization made using the investment of the shareholder’s money.

  This is also known as return on networth(RONW). ROE=  =  = 0.1584Thehigher the value of ROE is preferred.4.

Return on Assets ROA (Du Point Ratio) This ratio tells how an organization is using itsassets efficiently. ROA =  = % = 2.94% Thecompany is generating its 2.94% of asset to generate profit.

 5.Debt-Equity Ratio The debt-to-equity iscalculated by dividing total liabilities by the shareholders’equity and this is a leverage ratio that tells what amount ofdebt and equity is being used to finance the company’s assets. Debt-Equity Ratio =  = %= 437.9%Thisindicates that Rogers is adopting aggressive growth and with increasing profitthere are greater chances of loss for investors.   SWOTAND BUSINESS PLANNING5.         Conduct a SWOT analysis of the companyto help guide management on preparing the business plan financial statements. Strengths Weakness 1.      Canada’s largest wireless provider 2.

      One of the top companies operating in media and mass communication field 3.      Initiator and introducer of latest technologies     1.      Do  not have multinational operation 2.      Dependent upon Canadian clients only Opportunities Threats 1.      Can grow telecommunication sales and increase market in all regions 2.      Launch new and latest internet and GSM updated technology 1.

      Very high fluctuation in technology and dynamic characters 2.      Highly competitive market and strong competitors       EXTERNALSUPPORT6.         Identify an external source of supportfor your SWOT analysis above as discussed in class.ForSecond Class: Gartner reportNameof leader and find the Gartner report ForresterResearch for finance  FORECASTED INCOME STATEMENT (p.

58(Income Statement))7.  Prepare an incomestatement for the fiscal year following the latest income statements availableonline which reflects the outcome of your financial statement analysis, andsupported SWOT work above. Include a reproduction of the latest incomestatement from the company that you used as a basis of your new fiscal yearforecast.  Rogers Communication Projected Income Statement For the year ending December 31, 2019   (In millions of dollars, except per share amounts) Full Year(2019) Revenue     Wireless 8124   Cable 3533   Business Solutions 388   Media 2241   Corporate Items and Intercompany Eliminators 200 Total revenue 14486 Adjusted operating profit(loss)     Wireless 3312   Cable 1712   Business Solutions 120   Media 152   Corporate Items and Intercompany Eliminators 155 Adjusted operating profit 5451 Deduct(add)     Stock based compensation 65   Depreciation and amortization 2280   Impairment of assets and related onerous contract charges 480   Restructuring, acquition and other 175   Finance costs 780   Other expense(income) 180 Net income(loss) before income tax expense(recovery)   Income tax expense(recovery)   Net income(loss)   Earnings per share     Basic     Diluted   Net Income   Add     Stock based compensation     Gain on acquition of mobility     Loss on non-controlling interest purchase obligations     Loss on repayment of long term debt     Loss on wind down of shomi     Net loss on divestitures pertaining to investments     Impairment of assets and related onerous contract charges     Income tax impact of above items     Income tax adjustment, legislative tax change   Adjusted net income     Basic     Diluted   Additions to property, plant and equipment   Cash provided by operating activities   Free cash flow   Total service revenue     APPENDIX    


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