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Shaping the mind of a four-year-old can potentially change the world. Being an early childhood educator is very rewarding work that may be difficult at times. However, many people do not appreciate the skills and training that goes into the job. Young children are a very big and important part of what makes a day school director a fulfilling job. Despite the low pay and state requirements for a day school director, the work environment, advancement, outlook, and impact on the children’s lives make the job worthwhile. While the pay may be an issue for the job of a day school director, the benefits make up for the loss of pay.

Day school directors make about $22.01 per hour (“Summary Report” 1). According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the principals and directors of day schools make an average of about $45,790 per year (“Summary Report” 1). The U.S.

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Department of Labor also found that the lowest 10% of day school directors were paid less than $35,230 (“Instructional Coordinators” 5). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “as of May 2014, daycare directors received an average annual wage of $52,000” (“Becoming a Daycare Director” 2). This causes a problem of many day school directors to leave the job or get higher job positions.

Even though the pay is very low, there are many benefits to becoming a day school director. One benefit of becoming a day school director is that the job has a job growth that is rapid and greater than the average (“Becoming a Daycare Director” 1). According to the U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth of the day school director is estimated to be 17% higher from 2012-2022 (“Becoming a Daycare Director” 1). The biggest and most important part of being a day school director is also a huge benefit. Every day school director has to interact with and love children. Day school directors will be working with the kids every day. Not only do day school directors work with the children everyday, they also work with the children’s parents. The biggest benefit of being a day school director is “making a difference in a family’s life because you love their children as if they are your own” (Carroll 2). Not only are the benefits of being a day school director great, but the work environment is excellent as well.

The environment is very friendly with the occasional obstacles. Day school directors hold the role of supervisors of employees that consist of teachers, floaters, and childcare workers (Carroll 1). There are many responsibilities that go into being a successful day school director. Day school directors call meetings with the employees, aid teachers with behavioral problems and accidents, and provide the materials needed for the teachers and students (Carroll 1). Day school directors also greet the students, document financial history, clean the facility, and prepare and serve snacks to the students (Carroll 1). Day school directors “may meet with teachers and other administrators outside of classroom hours” (“Instructional Coordinators” 3). There are many busy days at the office which result in unfinished work being taken home to complete and bring back (Carroll 2).

Being a day school director also calls for the help and care for the other people around the facility. In the end, the main things that make up the work environment include “providing personal assistance, medical attention, emotional support, or other personal care to others” (“Summary Report” 1).


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