Shakespeare but what I am,I would wish me

Shakespeare Coriolanus Journal 1″I sin in envying his nobility;And were I any thing but what I am,I would wish me only he.

AufidisAct 1 sc. 1 page 230I think this quote describes the love of Coriolanus. Coriolanus longs to encounter Aufidius man-to-man. Aufidius, on his end, welcomes Coriolanus to his side He goes so far as to say that his passion for Coriolanus is as great as his love for the “maid I married”.

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Whether Aufidius loves Coriolanus in this passionate sense is problematical. But that Coriolanus loves Aufidius is beyond question. I dont like this play.

There are too many homosexual connotations. I had no idea that Shakespeare was like this.”For you, the city, thus I turn my back:Act 3 sc. 3 page 134What Coriolanus tries to do is to sever himself off from politics as a normal person. In the ending scene of the play, Coriolanus tells the senators and tries to disgrace them as much as possible..

Therein, however, lies the source of his demise. I think Coriolanus has a lot of mental problems, which unwind during the play. I do not like this play nearly as much as Othello!!!!”Hail lords, I am returned No more infected with my country’s loveAct 5 sc. 6 page 71When Coriolanus is disgraced by the political system he shows a lot of aggression toward authority.

If I were Corialanus I would also be angry. The political people in this book are very self centered. He seems to hate his mother country. Most dangerously have you with him prevailed,If not most mortal to him.

Coriolanus—Act 5 sc. 3 page 186Coriolanus seems rather arrogant in this quote. Coriolanus should have turned his back on Rome when he had the chance. This quote to me shows. This quote has an underlining sexual correlation to Volumnia. Volumnia emits the Freudian theory of the Oedipus Complex which she makes sexual connotations to he son. I think

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