Title this legislation globally can be the

Title of pending legislation: “Denouncing the practices of female genital mutilation, domestic violence, “honor” killings, acid burnings, dowry deaths, and other gender-based persecutions, expressing the sense of Congress that participation, protection, recognition, and equality of women is crucial to achieving a just, moral and peaceful society, and for other purposes “ (Lee, 2011).


The issue of sexuality and its abuse has been in the public debate for quite some time. Sexuality has always been violated and abused since ancient times for self-satisfaction, monetary gains, and political reasons. Currently, there are many crusades on empowering women against human rights violations of their sexuality globally, which are mostly committed during war times and for self-interest, political reasons, monetary gains, customs, religious beliefs, and negative ethnicity.

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Subjectively, this legislation is intended to protect women against human rights violation at domestic, community, and international levels while ensuring that they are empowered to enjoy equal rights with men in terms of individual rights and representation in the governments and with proper enforcement of laws by governments to safe guard the fundamental human rights of the women worldwide. The legislation is also aimed at promoting earning level and increasing literacy levels amongst women worldwide with an aim of empowering them reach equality with men.

Purpose of the Legislation

The legislation is aimed at the Senate and the House of Representatives to formulate more legislation to tackle the problem of human rights violations against women globally.

First, it is aimed at ensuring the congress refusal on cruel acts of female circumcision, domestic violence, acid burning, dowry deaths and other gender based persecutions and crimes while asserting that women are not commodities to be sold, misused, trafficked and they should be given right to education, property ownership and be accorded complete participation in economic, community and political aspects (Lee, 2011). Secondly, the legislation is aimed at ensuring that these cruel practices stop and the social and organizational systems, which promote them, are abolished. In this case, all governments are urged to create laws banning these practices, with the offenders being persecuted and punished accordingly, while measure to empower women and girl child should be put in place (Lee, 2011). Thirdly, the legislation is aimed at compelling the President to collaborate with other donor countries and regional authorities to promote rights, health and ensure the empowerment of women in all areas of their lives by influencing foreign aid to developing countries and campaigning against these cruel practices against women, as well as the impunity (Lee, 2011). In addition, the legislation aims at ensuring participation, security, appreciation, stability, and equality in human rights of women and girl child in the society, thus bringing justice and peace to all. Lastly, no matter what religion, location, or nationality, women human rights should not be abused and they should always be respected, supported, and enforced to safeguard against their violation.

Level of Success

Given the following reasons, the legislation is likely to pass. First, the country has some of the best laws relating to sexuality and gender-based issues, while the congress members are well enlightened on gender issues and the U.S government is always in forefront in promoting democracy with observance of basic human rights.

Secondly, the1998 United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda set a precedent in international law by establishing and prosecuting rape and sexual violence in times of violent conflict as war crimes and crimes against humanity, thereby, setting the pace for government to formulate, amend and accept international laws on sexuality (Lee, 2011). In addition, there are many international organizations such as FIDA, Amnesty International, locally based NGOs, and human rights advocacy groups operating globally to champion the fight against violation of women human rights and promoting women empowerment programmes. The major challenge to this legislation globally can be the traditions and customs of communities that practice these acts as part of their way of life, while the fundamentalist religious beliefs discriminating against women are so stuck to people who practice these beliefs. Regarding sex and sexuality of the legislation’s audience, the legislation is a bit quiet because the U.S already has many laws as a country relating to sexuality and gender based issues and this legislation is intended for international relations and application.

Assumptions of the Legislation

First, the legislation assumes that, with the American society being much enlightened on matters relating to sexuality and gender issues, the legislation stands to get enough support in the congress. Moreover, the legislation assumes that after passing, the international community of donors will accept it and be able to influence developing countries to adopt it. In addition, it also assumes that there is much global awareness on matters relating to sexuality violations.

Advocacy Groups working for and against the Legislation

The bill has been referred to the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Human Rights; thus, the bill is yet to be published. It will receive much support from Amnesty International based on the argument that it will promote human rights for women and their empowerment globally.

However, the bill has received some criticism from some members of the house, some arguing that no person shall be required by the United States or by any State to participate in prayer regarding the issue of saying prayers in school in times of crisis, conflict, or terror.


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