Sex Education should be Increased in Schools to Curb Teenage Pregnancy

Change of times has been matched with changes in social, economic and cultural systems. Ancient civilizations have been replaced with technological and educational empowerment. Socially, irresponsible behavior has been the cause of teenage pregnancy, spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and dropping out of school (Allerston 25). The long term effects have been increased dependency ratio because the affected are usually unemployed.

It is true that the education systems have failed to incorporate adequate sex education in their programs. Whether to increase sex education or not has been the debate recently. This paper discusses why sex education should be increased in a bid to cub teenage pregnancy. The rate at which teenagers are becoming curious to explore their sexual life is alarming. The adolescent stage is associated with increased hormonal activity, desire to respond to such imbalances and eventually engage in sexual activities (Measor 71).

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It is, however, unfortunate in cases where teenagers lack wisdom in regards to the ‘sexual arena’. The results are usually undesirable; increased number of school drop outs, increased HIV/AIDs infection rates and teenage pregnancies. The need to have sex education increased is therefore important.

Increased sex education is important in schools because teenagers receive guidance and counseling from their teachers. It has been revealed that teenagers are easily affected by their environment. A supportive environment helps in averting situations of unwarranted sexual behavior (Measor 74).

The teenagers are able to share their problems comfortably and are advised accordingly. In view of this, sex education is necessary. Increased sex education is important because it emphasizes on the need to abstain and use of contraceptives.

Teenagers become aware of the reality and how best they can live to avert cases of teenage pregnancies. Teenagers who find it difficult to abstain are aware of contraceptive methods such as condom use. In addition, teenagers appreciate the negative health effects of teenage pregnancy.

Pre-delivery care is also taught (Allerston 27). Increased sex education psychologically prepares teenagers for what is to come in future. Teenagers who abstain find it rather easier to handle major issues before getting into marriage. On the other hand, victims of teenage pregnancy are usually faced with mental unpreparedness.

Sex education helps in addressing this effect (Measor 75). The teenagers become aware of what might befall them if responsible sexual behavior is not adopted. They also become aware of pregnancy handling, childbirth processes and parenthood.

Increased sex education in schools is important. Statistically, parents have failed to guide their children in sexual matters (Measor 77). Parents ignore this crucial responsibility assuming that teenagers would learn by themselves. The result has been peer-influenced education (Allerston 28). Teenagers copy some irresponsible behavior from their peers. The ultimate results are drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and/or spread of STIs.

It is practical enough to assert that though parents should inculcate responsible sexual behavior, teachers should do it more. The fact that teachers spend most time with the students strategically gives them an edge over the parents (Measor 79). In this view, sex education should be increased in schools. Sex education is not only important in curbing teenage pregnancy but also helps in preventing and controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STIs such as syphilis and gonorrhea (Allerston 30). It is therefore important to increase sex education in schools to avert cases of teenage pregnancies. The spread of STIs in pregnancy cases makes the situation worse. The teenagers become aware of the situation that may arise if responsible sexual behavior is not adopted.

In this view, increased sexual behavior is necessary. In conclusion, it is important to note that change of generations is associated with increased levels of curiosity. It is rather unfortunate that most teenagers explore the ‘sexual arena’ with a lot of ignorance. The result has been teenage pregnancy, spread of STIs and increased drop out from school. Increasing sex education in schools is necessary to avert all these effects.

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