Sex when it come to what or how

Sex doesn’t define an individual and it especially doesn’t make you only think a certain way. Like the common disbelief that women are more empathetic and men aren’t. Everything you think about is based on how you were taught and how you think now. Before I read this myth,I did not believe in this myth and I still don’t believe it.

The myth also has been tested multiple times regarding this, which all prove that you can trick your brain into thinking that you aren’t really limited to what you only think that you know. Just like in the brief description about this myth, it states that if either a woman or man are told that they will either do poorly on a test they will assume that is true and they will do poorly on it. But if they are told that they will do well on a test they will most likely do well on it. I do agree that when it come to what or how our brain thinks it’s all about perception, how we pay attention, our learning skills, memories, how we communicate and the person’s emotions. A big impact that is made on the way people show empathy is how the person was taught while growing up. Some men when they were growing up were always told that men shouldn’t cry and that they shouldn’t show your emotions. Which made an them learn to hold their emotions in, making them less likely to show empathy.

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So I do believe that men can have the same empathy levels women do, they are just taught not to show it.


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