Setting collapse. June came and the hay was

Settingof the Animal Farm by George Orwell StoryThe setting of AnimalFarm is Manor Farm which is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jones. At the starting of thestory Mr.

Jones was a person who was really very interested in getting drunkand he forget to close the pop holes. Whenever he gets drunk he will actviolence’s towards the animals at the night. All the animals in the farm wasgather at the barn after Mr. Jones went to bed, they had a meeting with oldmajor who was weak but still a majestic-looking pig. They had the meeting tostop the act of Mr. Jones against the animals.

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After Old Major hasshared his talk with all the animals, after 3 days Old Major died peacefully inhis sleep. His body was buried at the foot of the orchard. This was early inMarch, during the three months there was many changes happened in the farm allthe animals in the farm followed Old Major’s talk. Several nights a week, theanimals had secret meetings after Mr.

Jones was asleep. After they had meetingthe end of meeting they will burst out into Beasts of England which was thoughby Old Major before collapse. June came and the hay was almost ready forcutting.

On Midsummer’s Eve, it was Saturday where Mr. Jones went intoWillingdon and he got so drunk at the Red Lion that he did not come back tillmidday on Sunday. The animals were unfed, the field was unweed and the buildingwas unroofed till the evening even after Mr.

Jones was back. All the animals in thefarm could not stand it longer. The cows broke in the store door with theirhorns. All the animals help themselves from the bins. Every one of thecreatures pursued Mr. Jones from the homestead and even his men out to thestreet and bangs the five-banned door behind them.

For the first five minutesthe animals did not know that they could do like this. Their first move was torush around the farm and make sure there were no human beings was hidinganywhere in the farm. They went into the building and took all Mr. Jones thingsthat he usually use for the animal example the nose-rings, dog-chains, cruelknifes and other more was thrown in the rubbish fire which was burning in theyard. After they have cleared up all the things and burn it later then theysang Beast of England seven times. That night they had a good sleep as theynever had sleep before.In the clear morninglight, a little way down the pasture there was a hill that commanded a view ofthe farm.

The animal rushed to up the hill and gazed around. They were feelingalive back after all that they get from Mr. Jones. Then they came back into thefarm and stood front the farmhouse door they was scared to enter inside butafter few moments, Snowball and Napoleon push the door open with theirshoulders and all the animals started to enter in one by one.

They walk in withfull of care they were scared to hold anything, they tiptoe room to roomlooking up and down.The past three months,the pigs was taught themselves to read and write by using and old spelling bookthat was belongs to Mr. Jones children that was thrown away. Then, the Snowballtook a brush and a pail of paint and changed the farm’s name from Manor farm itchanged to Animal farm and also he also came up with principles of animalism toseven commandments. After he has wrote the seven commandments he explained wordby word to the entire creature in the farm. There were also few mistakes in theseven commandments example; “friend” was written “freind” and the other one wasone of the “S’s” was the wrong way down.

In the afternoon,before all the animals leave to the hayfield to begin the harvest, Napoleonplace a buckets front of him and milked the cow because the cows had not beenmilked for twenty-four hours and just after he milked the cows all went to thefield and started to harvest. In the evening the animals came back after theharvest they saw the milk was disappeared from the buckets. They did not knowwhat happened to the milk so they let an investigation on it.

The harvest wasdone less than two days which Mr. Jones and his men take more time to done withthe harvest. It was the biggest harvest in the farm that even Mr. Jones couldnot do with his men and there was even no wastage.

 All through the summer the work at the farmwent like clockwork. Later in the year, they had some difficulties, when theyharvested the corn they have to tread it out in the ancient style and blow awaythe chaff with their breath, since the farm has no threshing machine. From morning to night,Boxer the strong and hardworking horse, he was always at the spot where thework is hard for the other animals and only he could do it. Every morning he isalways half an hour earlier than the other animals. As the work is donetogether and could finish early, on the Sunday there was no work. The breakfastwas an hour later than usual. Every week without any fail there was a ceremonythat to be observed.

By the late summer thenews of the animal has spread across half the country that the Napoleon and Snowballhas become cruel towards the animals. Early in October, when the corn was cuthalf of it has been threshed. They also planned they will set a gun up the footof the flagstaff and fire twice a year-once on October that is anniversary ofthe Battle of the cowshed and once on Midsummer Day that is the anniversary ofthe RebellionOn winter, everymorning, Mollie comes late to work and she was becoming a troublesome in thefarm and she will start giving excuses example she come late to work becauseshe overslept. Three days later, she disappeared for some week, no one knowswhat happened to her and even no one saw her.

In January, the weatheris hot as fire the animals could not grow anything in the fields. Snowball havedone some close study of some back numbers of farmer and stockbreeder, he alsoplanned for building windmill. The windmill is an electric supply it will makethe farm easy to have electric supply. Snowball also come up with the windmilldrawing he had a meeting in the barn he called all the animals to show hisdrawing and he also told that within one year they all can build it. Hedeclared that the animals would only work three days a week because they morelaborThe Sunday’s meetingwill come to the end declared by Napoleon; he took Old Major’s place and alsotook out Snowball. Even though the Napoleon ends the Sunday’s meeting but stillthe animal had the meeting they also always sang the Beast of England and alsotold that there would be no more debates. As napoleon took the place or masterhe also started a small business with Mr. Whymper, every Monday he visit theanimal farm to buy some of their things and he also will pat Napoleon the totalamount of money.

All the animals was feeling unfair with pigs, they did notfollow the principles of the farm. But boxer was always sincere to his workeven every night he comes out to work for an hour or two by his own.When November came, theweather was windy and rainy. The work of building the windmill have to stopbecause it was wet to mix the cement, without the cement they could not carryon building the the night, the storm comes and blew off the roof ofthe barn. The next morning, all the animals came out to see what happen totheir farm as they saw too many things had destroy.

Napoleon threw the blame onSnowball for the windmill collapsed. That morning they began to rebuild thewindmill even in winter, rain or shine they will not stop working on it.In January, they werehaving short of food. The corn was also reduced but they announced that thepotato ration will increase. Unfortunately, only few potatoes that can helpthem, most of it had become soft and discolored. The other days they are gonebe starving for food. Towards the end of January, then Napoleon took advantageof Mr.

Whymper, he make the bins empty and filled up half of it with sand andcovered up with the remaining grain and meal. Towards the end of January, theyhave to produce some more grains from somewhere. These days, Napoleon spent histime in the farmhouse he did not come out. Early in the spring,Snowball usually snip in the farm at night when all of the animals are asleep.He performed all kinds of mischiefs.

In the evening, Squealer called all theanimals to gather there was a serious news report, it was about snowball. Hehas sold himself to Frederick of pinch field Farm that’s they why he claim thatthe corn was disappeared and so many kind of mischiefs things happened in thefarm it was all snowball were doing it.As days pass, theanimal worked harder to build the windmill but Napoleon and the pigs was beingcrueler towards the animals. Napoleon also boxer to the knacker’s after he gotbadly injured during building the windmill as his lung was too weak that hecould no carry on working.

Then all the animals remember the principles of animalismthat no animal should be killed. The van that drove Boxer away, the next day itcame back and delivered a large wooden crate at the farmhouse. As the yearpass, the seven commandment also change it only say in one commandment that isALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.Lastly, as Napoleon hada short and point of speech he told that the misunderstanding was at the end.

Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington had a quarrel, both was taking advantage of eachother. All the animals looked outside from pig to men and men to pig; theycould not say which is which.       


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