Service this business, you must be punctual everything.

Service A dictionary meaning of ‘service’ is ‘the action of helping or doing work for someone.’ Service is always include in hospitality industry. Therefore, in hospitality industry must need high quality of service for their customers. Especially, in hotel when they provide excellent customer service, it can make them top-notch hotels and it will be one of their strength as service is the level of assistance provided by staffs to achieve high quality customers’ assistance as customers experience goes hand in hand with customer service.

Service main purpose in the hospital industry is provide or ensure customers’ satisfaction. In order to achieve this service played roles such as measure customer mood, when staff provide loyal and personable service to customers, clients’ mood must improve and better. Staff and workers must catch the customers’ needs before client asking. Some people said, “Service is an act of respect, kindness and love. Service is the heart of hospitality industry.” Improve customers’ loyalty is also important in this industry. Hospitality industry is a business that must need customers. Therefore, if customers have loyal to hotel, they can be recommendation to friends and family.

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Some people ignore some feedback from customers but it is huge mistake. A famous quote of Bill Gates “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” We can realize to what we are doing good or bad when we receive feedbacks. Another crucial in hotels and overall hospitality industry is on time services.

When you want to success in this business, you must be punctual everything. Moreover, satisfy customers’ expectation also extremely important. All clients want to end their vacation or relaxation positively. Therefore, workers must pay attention at what customers want and need. When they receive unexpected service, they will become loyal customer and recommend your business to their friends and family.


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