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A serial killer is defined as any person who manages to kill three or more people with enough time intervals between each killing.

Most of the time, crimes of men serial killers are heard regularly as they are more horrible than that of women serial killers. As for the men, they do their crimes in a brutal manner and damage the bodies of the victims (Hickey 52). Another reason that make men serial killers to be common than women serial killers is because of the methods they use to kill their victims. According to the profile analysis, 40% of the men’s victims are killed by firearms, 38% are denied some oxygen, and 35% are stubbed the most sensitive body parts, and some small percentages are killed by poisoning or drowning. In addition, most of the men serial killers do not hide or deny their actions, but they rather draw some attention with their actions (Hickey 68). The physical counting of the men serial killers victims is very high compare to that of women serial killers. The main difference between women serial killers and men serial killers is that, women try to keep their actions under cover, without drawing any attention. Women serial killers can be referred to as gentle murderers because the methods they use to kill their victims are not brutal.

According to the profile analysis, approximately 80% of their victims, women make use of poisoning to kill them. Although they also use some other methods like shooting, suffocating, and drowning, they prefer the silent killing methods. Women serial killers are not known to be violent in most of the time like their counterparts.

Men serial killers have been spotted to be violent even to small children, and sexually harassing their victims dead or alive. Men serial killers start by giving their victims some pornographic materials, so as to make them psychologically prepared before they rape them (Hickey 112). An example of a man serial killer is Jack the Ripper from London. He brutally killed people for three months in 1888 among them five prostitutes. Jack did not hide his actions, as he went to an extent of mutilating and dissecting the bodies of his victims openly. Most of the men serial killers fall under the category of missionary killers who perform their act of killing to some specific groups of people like prostitutes or homosexuals. An example of a women serial killer is Aileen Wuornos who fell under the category of sexual predators.

This lady killed seven men in Florida in her duties of prostitution (Hickey 230). She claimed that these men were trying to rape her. Men serial killers are divided into four subdivisions depending on the reasons behind killing such as power seekers, visionaries that involve obeying the source of egos of killing, missionaries whereby, the serial killer claim it’s his responsibility to clean up the society by killing the unwanted personnel according to him. The final type of men serial killers are hedonists, who kills so as to gain power and satisfaction. To some extent both men and women serial killers work as a team either male and male, male and a female, female and a female, or in some cases as family teams. Other examples of men serial killers include John Wayne Gacy who happened to kill 33 people and Ted Bundy who raped several women and killed all of them in Florida. Other female serial killers include Irene Leidolf who murdered 49 patients, in addition to some other three nurses. Mary Ann Cotton murdered more than 20 people by secret.

Women serial killers are also divided into five types the most two common types are Black widows and Angels of Death. The black widows women serial killers kill their several partners as well as family members, or anybody who has a close relationship with them. On the other hand, angels of death type kill people who are left to take care of them for instance nurses. Other types of women serial killers are revenge killers, sexual predators and contract killers. Both men and women serial killers have causes of their actions. Like discussed above, men mostly become serial killers due to several reasons, but the most important factor is getting rid of a certain group of people from the society (Hickey 302).

The psychological effect of hating some group of people may have a great impact to these people. The profile research shows that majority of men serial killers are missionary killers who either concentrate on killing prostitutes, homosexuals or may be a certain tribe of people. That idea of hating a certain group of people may be a great contributor that may require to be addressed. Same to women serial killers, the psychological effects are the most contributors. The issues of finding pleasure and revenging out of killing are unpersuasive.

It’s unusual for any normal person to find pleasure in the act of killing, instead humiliations and frustrations are gotten. If any wrong done is revenged by killing that means everyone should be long dead, because everyone in one way or another has done something wrong.

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