Submitted Local 1895 American Federation of Teachers Here’s

Submitted by Ken Cooper
Location Unknown
Please accept our small contribution to the Sept. 11 fund. The other $5 is from my-6-year-old twins, Dalton and Nora. Our hearts go out to all of you and your families.
Submitted by Jamil Khan
Location Unknown
Your members are the best of America–hardworking, tolerant, progressive. I only wish I could afford to give more during your hour of need.
Submitted by Louis Diamond
I hope that this small amount is helpful in this difficult time. As a health care worker, I wish that I had a union as bold and strong as SEIU has been for janitors. Be well. Be strong. Take care.
Submitted by Jim Hijiya
Local 1895
American Federation of Teachers
Here’s the $600 my wife, Barbara, and I got from the tax cut. We figure that the families of your members, especially from local 32Bj, can use the money more than we can.
Submitted by Connie Mazur
New York, NY
Schroder Investment Management North America Inc.
Dear Andy:
My sincere condolences to the SEIU members and families who were affected by the tragedy at the World Trade Center last week. The list of people I knew personally who are missing grows daily. It was a horrific and senseless deed. I wanted to send my personal check, which is matched by Schroders, to you as soon as possible.
Submitted by Becky and Gene Yeates
Location Unkown
My 12-year-old son withdrew $50 from his savings account. I mentioned to my son I would match the $50.

Submitted by Bob O.

Location Unkown
I’m grateful for the opportunity to do something other than watch in horror. United we are stronger.

Submitted by James Clancy
Nepean, Ontario, Canada
NUDGE National Executive Board, National Union of Public and General Employees
None of us can change what happened yesterday. But every one of us can change what happens tomorrow. We stand behind you in solidarity, shoulder to shoulder, for as many tomorrows as it takes.
Submitted by JEM
we are 11 years old and we wanted to help, so my 6th grade class at lynnwood intermediat did a fund rasier called coins for caring to rasie money for the red cross.

Submitted by Timothy Welp
Local 503, member
Portland, OR
I am a MOC who recently came on staff with Local 503. The commitment I see from the members is such a confirmation of why I so strongly believe in unions. Unions are so fundememtally important in at this time when a sense of community seems harder and harder to connect with. The Dept of Revenue, Local 150, leadership is actively engaged in an aggressive campain to involve the lower paid workers in their agency by doing one on one contacts with ten identified work areas. The activists are introducing themselves, and finding out what the workers need. Pretty basic stuff, but often shyed away from by leaders because you have to put yourself and your beliefs out in the open. The general membership is responding, over 30% of their members attended the monthly meeting (thats about 200 members), members unannomously voted to send 500.00 dollars of their treasury funds to the SEIU relief fund, the leaders have set up collection cans through out their complex for folks to make ongoing donations to the SEIU Relief Fund, and the local has plans to revisit another 500.00 dollar pledge next quarter for when the attention of the public might start to waver. The families will need help long into the future when right now they can’t imagine their needs. I am speaking from experience as I lost my father, a State Police Officer, in 1967. The fact that people who have never met give what they can to strangers in need is so reassuring. It’s a reminder that there is a huge resevoir of power that sometimes just needs a common direction. sorry about the bad spelling, thanks for listening Timothy
Submitted by Bob Kirkman
New York, NY
SEIU Staff member
I wrote the following as I was trying to come to grips with the feelings I had regarding the events of September 11, 2001.

Passing through Hell
No warning
Melting Steel
Breaking Hearts
Out of the blue
Morning sky
Imagination had not gone there
Unbelievable weapons
Unthinkable targets
Passing through Hell
Crying Ashes
Run for your life
Wait for Instructions
Where can we go?
“Oh no, Oh no, please God no”
No Special Effects
No bad movie
She was an executive
He was a fireman
She was a janitor
And oh by the way
it was the apprentice’s first day
Passing through Hell
Posters are everywhere
“Have you seen
No, I haven’t”
Our members are missing
My friends are all gone
And yet Passing through Hell
Humanity rising
Running to help
Are you OK?
Lion like courage
People suprising
by acts little and large
Passing through Hell
“Don’t blame me”
“Wanted Dead or Alive”
“Who is that man?”
“Who’s in charge here?”
Would it be out of order,
Or maybe insane,
To just be praying
That Passing through Hell
Never happens again?
Submitted by Paul Zdinak
Local 668 staffer, retired
retired SEIU staffer
I was not directly affected but my family was, but it has a happy ending. I retired three years ago as a staff person with Local 668, SEIU, PSSU. My nephew, Alex Sabol, Jr. is a retired naval captain working in the Pentagon. He was at work the day the jetliner hit..but, fortunately, he was on the other side of the Pentagon and got out unharmed. Two weeks prior, his office was moved…from the side struck by the hijacked jetliner. My brother, Andy, lives in Suffren, N.Y. His neighbor’s son is a NYC fireman listed as missing and presumed dead. My wife, Faylene, and I sent the SEIU relief fund a $50 check and I donated a pint of blood.

Submitted by Marcy Chong
DC HQ Staff
I work at SEIU Headquarters in DC, but I was at a conference in NYC on the day of the attacks. I felt the hurt and sadness all around me in the city for the day and a half that I was stranded there. It was as tangible as the chemical smell in the air. I came home to DC by train, as the airports were all still closed. Many people in Penn Station voiced concern over the lack of security there in the chaotic crush of people trying to leave the city. Sure enough, our train was halted for a bomb scare as we approached Newark. One thing that became very clear to me, is that we cannot “police” our way to peace either at home or abroad. The freedom we cherish can only be achieved with a basic level of good will. No amount of police presence could “secure” Penn Station or most of the public spaces we travel through each day. Our society “works”, because people feel they have something to gain and something to lose. We need to think about what it is that drove the terrorists to such acts of desperation. True Peace is not merely the absence of violence, but the presence of Justice.

Submitted by Lisa Y. Flores
Fresno, California
My cousin is a firefighter, my father is a retired police officer, my sister is a federal worker, and I am a state employee. This incident could have easily happened to mi familia.
On Tuesday, I was returning from beautiful San Luis Obispo when I turned on the TV in my hotel room to hear the news of the day while I was getting dressed. When I saw what happened, my first thought was “what third world country WAS attacked by terrorists” … then I realized it was New York City. I realized at the moment ALL our lives have been changed forever by this cowardly act.
All week long two televisions has been turned on at work to let us know what’s going on. My first thought was of the Port Authority men and women whom I met last year at the SEIU Convention in Pittsburgh — names I have forgotten but whose generosity to my local have made a mark on my heart.
All week long I have been telling my co-workers that WE have family in that building, and of the generosity of other SEIU locals to us … and that now is our time to give back in a BIG way.
And now with the update to the SEIU website, I see we have more family members involved. Words cannot express my sadness, but I know my action will. I am reminded of a slogan used by Andy Stern: “Pray for the dead, fight for the living.” I pray each day for the souls of all those union brothers and sisters who showed me (and my local) kindness and support through the years … and I fight for the living, their families.
Personally, I will be contributing financially and will be forwarding the e-mail send from Andy to all my co-workers. I will be asking our members (and non-members) to reach VERY deep into their pockets to contribute as well. To think of the lost, of a mother, father, brother, sister, and friend — how can we not act?
Personally, I will be forwarding a check for $100 to you by the end of the work day because the great family of SEIU is in need, and how could I do anything less?

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