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Sep 24 at 10:08pmManage Discussion EntryAs it continues to do so today, our country has seen incoming white men strip this land, call it their own, and deny others of its fruit through the use of mistreatment and cruelty. “The whites came to this land for a fresh start and to escape the tyranny of their masters, just as freemen had fled theirs. But the ideals they held up for themselves, they denied others.””Stolen bodies working stolen land. It was engine that did not stop, its hungry boiler fed with blood.”-Whitehead, Colson. The Underground Railroad. Doubleday, 2016. These two quotes are effective enough to present as evidence for my central claim because it explains perfectly that white men can also be considered immigrants. Many of them forget that their ancestors came from far away in hopes of a better life. However, their mindsets are channeled to believe they are superior to all and should be the only ones entitled to this “better life.” I want to hopefully explain well enough that white men today need to study their history because they conveniently forget that this land was not initially theirs in the first place. They stole it, and like the second quote above states, there are “stolen bodies working stolen land.” Even today, the white men of this country have “stolen bodies” working for them, and the mistreatment of the immigration policies can almost be compared the same to back in the times of the novel.The other half of the second quote mentions, “…It was an engine that did not stop, its hungry boiler fed with blood.” This line holds even more significance because it can be interpreted to describe this endless cycle of abuse our country has faced from white men. This cycle can only be fueled by the blood, sweat, and tears of the “stolen bodies.” Additionally, those three factors all relate to hard work. Yet, how often does that hard work get noticed by these men? After all of these years, white men are in debt to African Americans for working their stolen lands through cruel treatments. However, this is a debt that will never be paid anytime soon.”The Great War had always been between the white and black. It always would be.”-Whitehead, Colson. The Underground Railroad. Doubleday, 2016. This quote works as evidence for my central claim because it explains that there is always going to be some sort of rivalry between the white and black. However, I mentioned in the central claim that this “debt,” or rivalry, will not be paid anytime soon. I state this because the quote in the novel mentions that the Great War between the two will always be. By me mentioned “anytime soon,” I am expressing some hope in the future of this, unlike the novel. It is difficult to see the light currently with all that is going on, Charlottesville in particular, this war does not seem like it is going to die down anytime soon.Often privileges are a sign of a reward, yet African slaves were awarded nothing when they were working the stolen lands for the white men. “But nobody wanted to speak on the true disposition of the world.”-Whitehead, Colson. The Underground Railroad. Doubleday, 2016. This quote helps illustrate what most do not like doing, and that is speaking about what no white man wants to hear today, or any man for that matter. What I am referencing is the truth behind who really owes who. For the longest time, white men have found themselves to be superior to all. They are the majority, and anyone who is not them, are the minority. Yet, would they be as superior as they feel and act if they did not get the slaves to work the land… work for them in general all those years ago up until today? 


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