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SEO is a process of improving the visibility of the website in the search results. SEO is the only way to get lots of organic traffic. It will help your website up the rankings ladder has a huge impact on the amount of traffic you receive. Rank your website on GoogleIn the below I described how to rank a website in the first position of Google:The main part of this article is:- On-page factors, off-page factors and how to get quality backlinks.

There is two part of SEO On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Both are important for rank any website.Important On-page factors: Optimize your WordPress websiteUseful, high-quality content: The amount of time visitors spend on your website and it can affect SEO ranking.

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When you provide useful content, visitors tend to stay longer on your website to consume the information and therefore increase the dwell time.Content length: Ideally you would have at least 500 words of focused content on a page. Based on the research, content between 2,000–2,500 words seems to rank the highest in search engine results.Optimizing URLs: The URL can be a bit of an underrated asset for a page. Not only does it provide additional value to your keywords, it also appears within the search results.This means your URL actually forms part of the ‘ad’ which appears on your site in the organic search results. Your URL should be readable to a human and make sense.Optimizing pages titles: Next down from the URL it’s time to take a look at the page title — probably the most abused and one of the longest-serving core on-page SEO factors.

Use your keyword of the titles, try to use on the beginning of titles. The most effective page titles are about 10–70 characters long, including spaces.Get free SEO consultationMeta description: Meta descriptions are useful because they often dictate how your pages are shown in search results.

For optimum effectiveness, meta descriptions should be 70–160 characters long. Your meta descriptions should be concise and contain your targeted keyword.Headings: You should include keywords in your headings.The initial heading (

) should include your best keywords. Using only one

heading per page will strengthen your SEO.Images ALT tag: I suggest adding ALT text to your images so that it’s easier for search engines to index them. ALT text attaches a description to your pictures so that they show up in search engine’s image results. Make sure the image alt tag uses keywords related or keyword.

Keyword Optimization on content: You need to make sure that the keywords you want to rank for are included in the first 100 words of content. Try to keep your targeted keyword in 1.25–1.5%.Images optimizing before upload: Images have a couple of elements to them that should be properly optimized.

The first is the image file name & title.Outbound link: This can affect both relevance and trust. If you’re linking out to on-topic and high authority sites from your content that’s a good indication that the content is relevant to the terms in question.Linking out to low-quality sites from bad neighborhoods sends a negative signal to Google.

Even no-follow links to poor quality sites are likely to damage rankings.Page load speed: If your page takes an age to load, it’s going to create a poor experience for the user. Google recognizes that slow pages provide a poor user experience and therefore incorporate load times as a ranking factor.Broken links: Search engines consider a large number of broken links as a signal of an old, neglected site and this can impact your SEO ranking.Contact us page: Websites that have sufficient contact information are considered to be more trustworthy and therefore may rank higher in search engines.Mobile optimization: As of April 2015, Google has started to penalize sites that are not mobile optimized by bumping down their search engine ranking. More and more users are consuming content on mobile devices, so it is important.Sitemap: A sitemap helps search engine to index all pages on your site.

It is the simplest and most efficient way to tell Google what pages your website includes.Google Search Console integration: Lastly, having your site verified at Google Webmasters Tools is said to help with your site’s indexing. Even if that’s not the case, the tool provides valuable data you can use to optimize your site better.

Off-page SEO: Get 1st position on GoogleOff-page SEO also known as link building or backlinking. It’s almost impossible for Google to determine the value of any web page if there are no links pointing to it — no matter how useful, fresh, or in-depth the page content might be.Important Off-page factors:When we are getting backlinks from any site, we must follow this step.The number of linking domains: The number of domains linking to you is one of the most important ranking factors.The number of linking pages: There might be some links from a particular domain to your site; their number is a ranking factor too.

It should be from quality site.Domain Authority of linking page: Not all pages are equal. Links to pages with higher domain authority will be a bigger factor than those on low authority domains.

Therefore, you should strive to build links from high domain authority websites.Link relevancy: SEOs believe that links from pages must be niche related to your pages.Authority of linking domain: The authority of a domain may be a ranking factor too. For that reason, a link from low authority page on a high authority site will be worth more than from a lower domain authority one.Links from a homepage: Similarly, some SEOs believe that links from a home page of a linking domain carry more strength than those on one of its pages.A number of do follow vs.

nofollow links: You must follow dofollow and nofollow link ratio, it’s better if you can keep 60:40 ratio.The diversity of link types: The types of links you build to your site matters too. Too many links of one type may be a spam indicator and impact your rankings negatively.Link anchor: Anchor text of a link used to be a strong ranking factor. Today it can be utilized as a web spam indicator, negatively impacting your rankings.There have different types of backlinks. In the below, I described important types of backlink.

How to get quality full backlinks?Get quality backlinksProfile backlinks: There have lots of sites where after creating profile we can add our site link. Ex. Pinterest,, etc. By this, we can get profile backlinks. These backlinks are very important for increase site DA.

Directory backlink: By submitting website in different high authority directory website, we can get directory backlinks.Social Bookmarking: If you are looking for another great off page SEO activity then social bookmarking can gain huge traffic to your site.It’s simple to use these sites.Just select your best articles and leave their links on these bookmarking sites. The backlinks achieved from these sites matter a lot for Off-Page search engine optimization.Examples of social bookmarking sites are StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit etc.Question & Answer: Question and Answer is not a new name in the list of Off Page SEO strategies.

You have to participate actively and answer relevant questions to your site niche.By the time you earn a reputation as an expert in your chosen field and that helps your brand to get more visitors to your actual site. Examples: Yahoo Answers, Quora etc.Blog Comments: Blog comments help you to connect with influencers and other bloggers of your niche. But remember, Never try to make such comments which are not relevant to the topics.Be honest with your comments and only speak what you really feel about that blog post.

Give your URL on URL section or in your comment using the hyperlink.Guest Blogging: Try to write an article for your niche related site who are receiving the guest post. In this time first see site DA, PA, Trust ratio & visitor. Site DA, PA must be more than your site, trust ratio should be more than 0.5(trust ratio=trust flow/critration flow),don’t write guest post those sites who haven traffic & spam score must be less than 4(according Moz tool)Get Your Competitor’s Backlinks: It’s the easiest way to list of the site from where you can get backlinks.

Find out your top 5 competitors for your targeted keywords and the backlinks they have from various websites. Now make a list of all backlinks avoid sites who have low DA, PA & spam score more than 4( according to Moz tool)trust ratio less than 0.5.Image Submission: Use these great platforms for image submissions and remember to optimize your images with your targeted keywords in tags and description.

Examples: Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Photobucket etc.Infographic Submission: Infographic submission is another creative Off-page SEO activity. The reason behind infographics are getting famous is that your readers engage quickly with such graphics which are attractive and informative. You can submit your infographics on infographics submission websites and refer backlinks to your actual site or blog.PDF sharing: Share your PDF on different PDF sharing sites with your link.

Broken Link Building: This one takes some effort, but it’s actually quite effective at getting new links. When you’re reading blogs, you can take the time to search for old, broken links that are dragging the blog down… and ask the blog’s owner to replace them with links to your own content. Most are willing to do so as long as your content is fresh and accurate.I hope you can rank your website in 1st place of Google.

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