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The search engine positioning or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of techniques aimed at improving the visibility of a web page in different search engines organically without the need to pay to get a position sponsored within the search engines, of what the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is responsible for. The person in charge of SEO uses techniques to improve the structure and content of the web, such as the Link Building, Link baiting and the so-called keywords (keywords used by users to search for a product or service on the Internet). Currently, the specialist in online positioning is one of the most demanded profiles in the digital marketing environment and is expected to continue like this until 2017. It is a necessary work that helps to stand out in this e-commerce society, both to companies like individuals with their web. The Internet is increasingly saturated with websites, online stores, etc.

and SEO makes search engines understand what content is more essential and include it in the top positions of their search lists.The techniques employed by the SEO manager are not independent actions but are part of a cycle that begins with the analysis of the situation of the web and that of competitors. Then you have to establish some objectives, a strategy in which the architecture, the Link Building, and the contents come into play, and, finally, you have to carry out the optimization, both on a page and off a page. .

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 Digital Marketing strategyWhen we design a digital marketing strategy whose objective is to generate traffic to a website or landing page, we can choose different tools. The most effective regarding “cost-results” are search marketing or e-mail marketing.The e-mail marketing we have published in the past, but we’ll talk in future posts, given its low cost and high profitability, if we manage it optimally.In search marketing, we can choose two strategies to get users interested in our product/service to find our page: organic positioning or SEO or SEM positioning.WHAT IS SEO POSITIONING?It is the digital marketing strategy whose objective is the attraction of quality traffic through the visibility of search engines such as Google, Yahoo! Or Bing.ADVANTAGES OF SEO POSITIONING•    High long-term profitability Once we have managed to position ourselves correctly, with constant maintenance and optimization, it will be enough to keep us in the top positions although we should not trust or conform.

In SEO you can always improve positions. The question is to increase every month the number of visits reached thanks to SEO.•    The contents of the web, its update, and its structure influence. Currently, the most crucial factor that helps us position a website is the content. If we have a web programmed in a flash, we can do little. Well yes, opt for SEM positioning and pay according to the visits we want to achieve and create a new website. Surely one is thinking “I know a website in a flash, and it is very well positioned.” It is possible, but do not worry, sooner or later Google will penalize it and send it to infinity or beyond.

•    Attracts qualified traffic. If we position the web by the keywords that define our product or service, the truck we achieve will be of quality. Our website will respond to the search of users, and therefore, your expectations will be met.•    The investment is stable and independent of the number of visits.

SEO positioning is not free. Its cost is the professional SEO fees: the value of your work hours and your knowledge and experience. If someone offers you a cheap SEO, distrust. You’ll see how expensive it is in the long run.

 At initially, the cost per visit of the SEO situating might be higher than that of the SEM, however little by small, contingent upon how it is situated, this cost will diminish, being more productive than the SEM.•    Users more easily click on organic results than on sponsored ones. Everyone says: “I never click on Google ads,” but let’s not forget that it is one of Google’s primary sources of funding. And this company is not small. However, it is true that the user more easily clicks on the organic results than on the sponsored ones.About Us:We offer consulting services, advice and comprehensive management of digital marketing actions oriented to results, directing projects globally and counting in each area of the process with specialized collaborators.


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