Self Critique regarding an Informative speech on Hybrid Cars

The choice of topic for presentation clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding and awareness of the topic of discussion by the audience in terms of analysis of the audience. This is because the audience is composed of an aging or old people. The choice of topic is inappropriate for this kind of audience.

It can be argued that the old people have no interest at all, in terms of learning about hybrid cars. This is because they are too old to implement or apply the knowledge being presented. As a result, this kind of presentation would have been appropriate for a younger and adventurous audience.

The organization of the presentation has been achieved well. Presentation was characterized by clear introduction of the topic through the use of a clearly outlined statement that captured the attention of the audience (Beebe & Beebe 232). The use of a “hook” was appropriate for this presentation since it excited interest of the audience towards the topic.

The opening statement presents a statistical worry regarding the high fuel consumption rate of cars in the current society. This acts well to alarm the audience concerning the amount of energy and resources that are being wasted through excessive fuel consumption by cars. The thesis statement has been supported through outlining of further information to give evidence that the fuel consumption of regular cars is higher that the proposed hybrid cars.

Information regarding the extent of pollution that is propagated by regular cars, as well as, the resultant effects on over 50 million people, gives support to the thesis statement. In addition, an argument concerning how the hybrid cars would reduce the amount of pollution, as well as, fuel consumption rates gives more support to the thesis statement in the presentation.

The content of the presentation is clear. This is because the presentation openly focuses on point-to point delivery without giving any irrelevant information related to the subject matter. The information presented is quite original since it consists of well researched and displayed texts.

The use of supporting materials such as a graph showing the distribution of pollution rates in the society, gives the content more concreteness that increases the confidence of the audience regarding the validity of the information presented. Additionally, accurate citations have been done in the presentation thus increasing the correctness of the information presented.

Presentational aids have been used accordingly in speech presentation. The use of a Television Visual display is accurately significant for the topic of presentation. This is because, the topic is about hybrid cars which requires visual aids to allow the audience to get proper grasp of the subject matter.

However, the visual aids used are inappropriate for the audience. Since the audience is composed of old people in a wheel chair, it would be proper to use more visible materials for presentational aid. This is because old people lack proper eyesight. As a result, the use of Television aids is highly inappropriate.

The delivery of the presentation was phenomenal. This was characterized by eye contact with audience in the midst of speech, use of gestures, considerable movements during explanation, appropriate facial expression, and audibility.

In conclusion, it can be deduced that the speech accomplished its purpose. This is because it was interesting and contained relevant information that clearly helped to support the thesis statement.

Works Cited

Beebe, Susan, and Beebe Steven. Public speaking handbook (3rd ed). Boston: Pearson Education, 2010. Print.


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