Selection by customers (Stevens, Loudon, Wrenn & Mansfield,

Selection of Target

done by the marketing team found concluded that the youths are the most elusive
and valuable customers in the chocolate business. Presently, most teenagers are aware of the benefits of healthy
eating and snacking. At the same time, a majority of these teens live with their parents and guardians who
equally influence their choices to some extent. A majority tend to first check
the quality of the products before passing it off to those in their custody. Consequently,
these parents and guardians may end up purchasing the chocolates for their
consumption. With a general market shift from sweets to chocolates, many will
also realize that the energy gained from a single bar will leave them with a
feeling of being full longer than when they consume other confectioneries.

Choosing the right target market is crucial because
it enables the business focus on those customers with high probable for sales growth, those
with a potentially high interest in the product and those with high
dependability to the brand (Ramaswamy & Namakumari, 2013, p. 172). In fact, target groups help businesses direct their
resources into knowing what their potential customers need, where they need it,
and how and when they need it (Bloomsbury
Publishing Plc, 2013, p. 206).  Such information helps them come up with
suitable marketing and advertising plans that will make them successful. Lastly, the youths are an excellent
marketing channel as they tend to share their discoveries
with their peers. This way, demand for the chocolates will increase thus
increasing the company’s revenue at the same time.



            Developing a positioning strategy
helps a business focus on the customers’ perceptions, the competitors in the
market and the changes in the business market (Burrow
and Fowler, 2015, p. 196). Moreover,
factors such as age, sex, personal preference and psychology influences the
choices made by customers (Stevens, Loudon, Wrenn &
Mansfield, 2013). Some
customers have preferences that are neither pegged on quality or brand making
them easy targets. Choco Full plans on adapting the differentiation positioning
strategy. Having it in mind that several names
already exist in the market with some having a more
significant market share than the others.


Choco Full plans on surpassing the similar
brands with standard attributes by coming up with unique features that will
give it a competitive advantage without compromising on the quality. Meaning
that since Choco Full targets on the youth, plans on having a distinctive image
that stands out in their minds will go a long way rather than concentrating on
ousting their competitors.


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