Seeing a smooth ride, remedies, especially natural remedies

Seeing clumps of your hair lying here, there andeverywhere can be particularly trying.

Hair adds that extra dimension to yourbeauty. Before you reach out for thoseexpensive hair treatments try out some of the best home remedies for hairgrowth and prevent hair loss, here. As much as you would like to get overnight results with quick remedies,it isn’t such a smooth ride, remedies, especially natural remedies give resultsbut it takes time. So if you have been losing a lot of hair recently, you needa quick health evaluation to reveal any underlying cause. There are several reasons for hair fall, a poor lifestyle, a thyroid condition such as hypothyroidism,hormonal imbalance, dandruff, fungal infections, genetic predispositions and soon. Take care of the underlying conditions first, before you read more about home remedies for hairgrowth and prevent hair loss. Once youhave treated the condition start with thefollowing home remedies to increase hairgrowth and prevent hair loss.

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Top Six Home Remedies We alwaysthink that natural remedies are way messy toconcoct and not very easy to use, as you need a long list of ingredients and alarge chunk of your busy schedule to whip up a home remedy. It is much moreconvenient for you to pour something out of a bottle, but yes, naturalremedies always score over store-bought solutions,as it is a side-effect free solution. So, use the following solutions to get luxuriantshiny crowning glory. Onion juice- This is one of the best hair growth tips for men and many have gotten results from this wonderful remedy. The effectiveness of this remedy is large, because of the presence of the sulfur compound that gives a boost to the collagen production thus resulting in hair growth.

RemedyCut shallots intolarge pieces of onion. Juice out theonions and by using a cotton wool you can applythe same on your scalp. Mix it with lemon juice to keep off the stench. Keep itfor thirty to forty-five minutes and you are done, Wash it off with amild shampoo. If your hair still smells. Use a tea rinse to get rid of the smell.Boil tea leaves in a pan.

Cool it down and use it as a post-wash rinse. It gives a lovely sheen to your hair and makes itlook more voluminous. If you do it once a week you will get great results. Eggs- Eggs are packed with all kinds of nutrition like, iron, phosphorous, zinc, sulfur, selenium. Eggs lend body and volume to your hair so does not forget to apply an egg mask at least once a week. RemedyWhisk an egg nicely.

Add four generous tablespoonsof grapeseed oil along with a few dropsof lavender oil. Coat your scalp with this thick oil and let it sit for half anhour. Follow it up by rinsing it with amild shampoo.  Use the tea rinse afterthis, better still squeeze a lemon into this concoction and rinse your hairwith it as a final rinse. The hair will radiate an enviable shine. Aloe vera- aloe vera has a number of benefits and is rightly regarded as one of the best remedies for all kinds of ailments. Another benefit adding to its already long list is hair regrowth; it also reduces dandruff and keeps your hair nice and shiny.

RemedyExtract the pulp of a fresh aloe vera leaf and mixit with a little lemon juice and let it sit for about 20 minutes or so. Rinseoff your hair with your favorite shampoo.Do this once every week or two. Amla- Amla is full of vitamin C; you can add coconut oil to it, which helps in hair growth.

It also helps in stopping the graying of hair. RemedyHeat a small amount of coconut oil in a pan andboil dried amla pieces in it until they get burnt. Strain the liquid and coolthe liquid. Massage your scalp with this oil and use gentle finger strokes. Enjoya nice head massage with this beneficial oil.Let the oil seep in so keep it for thirty minutes or more if you want. Washit off with a mild shampoo.

This is a great way to massage your hair as well.Do this at least once a week to get great results. Fenugreek- also known as methi is a great remedy for hair growth. Methi is full of protein and lecithin that adds strength and body to your hair. It moisturizes your dry strands lending an innate shine to your locks.RemedySoak a cup of fenugreek seeds in water overnight orfor at least four hours. Drain off the excess water and make a thick paste by grindingthe seeds.

Take a generous amount of the pasteand apply it on your scalp. Keep the paste for an hour or so and thenrinse off by using a mild herbal shampoo. Repeat this process several times a week till you get results. Apple Cider Vinegar – The benefits of this vinegar is immense. Hair, skin, health ACV is like that SOS remedy you should always keep close by for those sudden beauty or health issues.

It restores the pH balance of the hair, increasing the growth of your hair. Remedy Mix 75ml of ACV in one liter of water. Take acotton wool dip it in the solution and apply it toyour hair. This solution not only boostsyour hair growth but also amps up the shine.  


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