Seeing a marketing intern at Tierra seed Science

Seeing my father resiliently manage a construction company for three decades, I understand, in business, there’s freedom, flexibility and the potential to follow your passion and do something you cherish the most. Certainly, it is a rollercoaster ride but I believe it to be a powerful vehicle of creative expression. I have seen my father both rise and fall in the rapidly changing business world, but it’s the uncertainty that kept him sprightly throughout.

Interestingly, I see the same traits in my brother who graduated from Judge Business School, Cambridge University and founded a software company at a very young age. Growing up around such dynamic entrepreneurs at home has surely influenced my aspirations of becoming a business leader.I carefully chose my subjects in high school to equip myself with all the concepts necessary to become an entrepreneur. I took up Business, Economics, Accounting and Maths at A levels which helped me understand the intricacies of the forever-evolving business industry and how dynamic and adaptive my thinking has to be in order to master it. The one topic that captured my attention was marketing, an intriguing mix of behavioural psychology and customer relationships. Excited to put whatever I learned in theory in action, I joined V Cinema, an entertainment website, as a Digital Marketing Intern during the summer of 2017. I worked with the team to strategise creative Guerrilla Marketing techniques and achieved 300,000 followers for the channel in three months.

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To help further my interest in business, I took up related activities; I was the operations executive for a student-led enterprise, it’s aim was to provide healthy breakfast for 1500 students and teachers at school. My participation in the Young Entrepreneurs Summit where student innovators in the state showcased their skills in the fields of Business and Entrepreneurship helped me to meet zealous individuals who have positively challenged me. Over the years, I have volunteered for the Model United Nations which introduced me to an amazing world of event logistics and public speaking skills, enabling me to speak with poise in front of large crowds.

I also worked as a marketing intern at Tierra seed Science which is widely known across India for its practice of advanced technology in developing focus crops.When I am not juggling with internships, summits and academics, I enjoy taking some time out for sports and travel. These interests have developed few intrinsic qualities that I feel are necessary for an entrepreneur. Playing sports like volleyball, throwball, and badminton have helped me develop self-discipline, team spirit, leadership and a willingness to compete without fear of failure over the years. Meanwhile, it was my wanderlust that positively altered my perception of life and people. Travelling across seven countries I not only enjoyed learning about the different cultures and meeting new people, but being on the road has helped me develop a keen sense of observation, which helped me realise that understanding people’s needs is the greatest trait an entrepreneur can possess. This way, my passions paved way for the skills that one doesn’t learn in the classrooms but rather out there in the real world.

I truly believe that we all commence our journeys as an untouched piece of clay, while the experiences of life slowly shape us into individuals exuding our own tale and narrative. And just like that, I want to see my studies in business management shape me into being a perfect entrepreneur. I am confident that the curriculum you offer at your prestigious university would be an excellent means to develop my skills in operating a business and gain valuable experience before beginning my entrepreneurial journey with better understanding.


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