(a) of abetting any such offence and is

(a) Any offence punishable under Chapter VIII of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, other than an offence punishable under Section 153-A or Section 153-B or Section 154 thereof; (b) Any offence which consists of, or includes, assault or using criminal force or committing mischief; (c) Any offence of criminal intimidation; (d) Any other offence which caused or was intended or known to be likely to cause, a breach of the peace, or of abetting any such offence and is of opinion that it is necessary to take security from such person for keeping the peace, the Court may, at the time of passing sentence on such person, order him to execute a bond with or without sureties, for keeping the peace for such period, not exceeding three years, as it thinks fit. If the conviction is set aside on appeal or otherwise, the bond so executed shall become void. An order under this section may also be made by an Appellate Court or by a Court when exercising its powers or revision.


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