(2) every district and city to co-ordinate

(2) In every police station at least one officer with aptitude and appropriate training and orientation may be designated as the ‘juvenile or the child welfare officer’ who will handle the juvenile or the child in co-ordination with the police. (3) Special juvenile police unit, of which all police officers designated as above, to handle juveniles or children will be members, may be created in every district and city to co-ordinate and to upgrade the police treatment of the juveniles and the children. Comment: The section provides for the setting up of a special juvenile police unit which would exclusively be engaged in prevention of juvenile crime and handling of juveniles in conflict with law under the J.J. Act. This unit shall consist of at least one police officer who has aptitude and special training in handling juvenile or child delinquents. He shall be designated as ‘Child Welfare Officer’.

Such special juvenile police units will be set up in every district and city which would establish co-ordination with the police in treatment and handling of juveniles and children.

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