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Second chances – It lies in our handsGood morning Mrs Tian and fellow 4 Wisdom classmates, I’m Glenda and the topic I’ll be sharing today will be on Second Chance – it lies in your own hands.To start off, second chance is defined as an opportunity to try again after failing one time.

There are disappointments and obstacles in everybody’s life and everyone makes mistakes.  We have to understand that nobody is perfect. Humans aren’t machines and we are bound to mess up every now and then.

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Does life give you second chances? Yes it does.How do we grab onto second chances then?Firstly, we have to build trust in order to be given a second chance.  In our daily life, we need to take responsibility in what we do and how we behave. This will be the building blocks to gaining the trust of others around you. With this trust, it allows them to give you the benefit of doubt when you make a mistake. Secondly, seize the opportunity given to you and treasure it.

 For example, prisoners who have the desire to turn over a new leaf will have to work on changing their thoughts and behaviour.  Upon release, they should learn to integrate into the society. With their positive actions and mindset, not only can they get others to give them a second chance, but also help themselves succeed in changing their own lives. Lastly, second chances versus time.Never wait too long.

Rather, do it and face it immediately.Seize the opportunity given by others to you and take actions to make things right without dragging your feet. What is needed to gain success?Creating happiness? Building good relationships? Or the results produced?No! It’s seizing the opportunity when it comes by and even if you miss it, still do your best, wait for the second chance and grab onto it tightly and not let go. Selena Gomez said that she believes in second chances but not in third or fourth chances.

I agree with her point. If somebody is gracious enough to give me a second chance. I wouldn’t need a third, quoted from Pete Rose.Even if we are not given an opportunity of a second chance, it lies in our own hands to find another breakthrough. In order for that to happen, we must have a strong belief in whatever we do, confidence in self, the right mentality with positive thinking and the desire to do good and achieve success.Having these qualities and working towards the positive outcome can bring us wherever we want to go.The desirable and positive outcome we create equates to our second chance. A second chance that you gave yourself.

Nevertheless, this must be found on our own.Just like Jill Davis mentioned, “Second chances always do come our way. Like trains they arrive and depart regularly. Recognising the ones that matter is the trick.”  And from a personal perspective, it’s what you do with those second chances that counts.Remember.

Give second chances first before expecting to be given one. I would like everyone to know that everybody deserves a second chance, but not for the same mistakes. At the same time, we cannot expect perfection. We just have to believe it won’t be hopeful thinking that the second chance we give won’t lead to the same mistake being made.Lance Armstrong once said “If you ever get a second chance in life for something, you’ve got to go all the way.

” A second chance doesn’t mean anything at all if you didn’t learn from your first. Thank you.


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