Second to a significant degree or not

Second Language Acquisition is a critical issue to both teachers and learners of a second language equally. Thus, teaching and learning a second language has always been of a highly important matter for linguistics who always seek language learning solutions to facilitate instructors’ job and answer educational enquires .The teachers can play a positive role in improving second language acquisition if they understood how to improve the learners’ ability of majority. Both the mother tongue and the second language acquisition share different aspects. They both require a meaningful interaction, authentic communication in which speakers are paying the most attention for conveying and understand the message rather than the form of their utterances. Error alteration is more likely not so important and teaching grammar is not applicable to acquiring a second language. Teaching should give acquisition an adequate chance to flourish and make the second language learner gains a self-confidence which will help him later on to realize his mistakes and overcome them as this technique will help the acquisition process. On the other hand, formal language learning is thought to be overwhelmed by a great deal of error correction and the existence of explicit grammatical rules. Although error alteration is sustained, it helps the acquirer comes to the right psychological image of the linguistic simplification. It is said that, error correction hinders the language development with a feeling of continues anxiety governed by error phobia . Whether such feedback has this effect on the acquirer to a significant degree or not remains an open question. There are three things to acquisition learning, Characteristics, conditions and vocabulary.


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