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Sean Risher
History of Civilization 101
11 September 2018
Paleolithic and Neolithic Period
The Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods do have their similarities and differences between one another. The people of the Paleolithic Period hunted and gathered their food, they used tools made of stone which were not sharp. They also used caves as their homes. During the Neolithic Period, the people had evolved and the tools had become much more reliable and were much sharper. However, during the Neolithic Period; the people didn’t have to necessarily hunt for all of their food because they began to grow different crops. The people of the Neolithic Period lived in homes that they made from bricks and timber, the bricks were held together by mud.¬†However, both periods did have some similarities. Example being that each period made clothing from the skin of different animals. Also it is safe to say that the tools used by both periods were similar as well because they both made tools from stone, just different kinds of it.

The Paleolithic Period and the Neolithic Period were both quite remarkable. Without them life as we know it wouldn’t be here today. The Paleolithic Period is what made the Neolithic Era possible. The people of the Paleolithic Period lived a very laborious lifestyle because they had to continuously move around in order to be able to hunt and gather their food so that they could survive and eat. As where the people of the Neolithic time period were able to live more at ease do to advancements in technology.

Both the people of the Paleolithic and Neolithic Period had adequate and sustainable living conditions for their time, thus they were equally different. People of the Paleolithic Era lived in caves as they traveled from place to place in order to keep a constant supply of food, not having a permanent shelter to call home. As where during the Neolithic time; people lived in man-made homes made of brick and timber held together by mud and were able to stay in one specific place for longer periods of time because they grew different crops; making the ability to survive much more effortless.

In addition, and all things being considered; each time period did have similarities. Each era did have tools that they made from stone, as well as they each made clothing from animal skin. During the Paleolithic Period tools however were much duller and not as modern as they were during Neolithic Period, Neolithic being much stronger because they were made from different kinds of stone and materials.

Generally speaking, both Periods made the world today as we know it. Without them we wouldn’t be able to survive. We all have something to gain from both eras’. Beings that the people of the Paleolithic period lived the way they did; living in caves and hunting for food and making tools, made it possible for people to learn how to survive. Consequently, these acts caused people to evolve to a much easier way of living, making it possible to build permanent structural homes from brick, planting crops, and domesticating animals, which are all still practices we use today.


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