Scientology into the group. Which we know that

Scientology a CultRita M. WilliamsonOhio Christian UniversityI will be writing my paper on Scientology as a cult.

It has many aspects to it that resemble a cult.Has I go further into the paper I will outline the similarities between Scientology and a Cult.I see Scientology has a cult they run there facility the same has a cult. I will break down what a cult is and how Scientology works.

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What I have read about cults is very interesting to me. I don’t understand how true Christians can be turned to praise a human instead of our Lord. I guess they are taken over by devil at that point. They are at a low time in their lives and have no other way to deal with their problems. So in comes the recruiters of these different cults or groups to let them know that they are loved and that they can find a family with them.

They play on their weakness and their yearning to be loved. Client cults command our interest because they often evolve into cult movements. Recent examples of magical therapy cults that evolved into fully developed religions are Scientology, Client and Audience Cults in America (Bainbridge, 1980). There is a higher percentage of cults in the west than anywhere else in the country.

  The Spiritual Community Guide, published by and ecumenical cult movement in San Rafael, California (Singh, 1974, 1978), (Bainbridge-Stark 1980. The guide is of all cults and native organizations. I can’t understand why there would be a higher percentage of cults in the west California unless it is due to their free life style. Some people think it is because they are unchurched. Has you know the Scientology church is in California. Let’s breakdown the characteristics of a cult and match them up to Scientology!Characteristics of a cult:• Worship the Leader. David Miscavaige (Scientology leader)• The Leader is never wrong.

• Questioning and doubt among members is punished. • The group hides things from the potential members for the true nature of the group even the flaws of the leader.• Recruiters and followers have to invest their money into the group. Which we know that is what is going on with Scientology because of all the high profile members from Hollywood. Some stars have even told the public of this.• Excessive work routine.

We know this to be true because there are camps all over for adolescents who misbehave or talk bad about Scientology.Of all the characteristics listed above a lot of them match the Scientology group. My hope is that the people of Scientology find their way out and become children of our Heavenly Father where they belong. References:Bainbridge, W.S.

, Stark, R. (1978, 1980). Client and Audience Cults in America, Sociological Analysis, 41, 3:199-214


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