Scientific approach is a body of techniques

Scientific Approach is a new approach in English Language Teaching because the term “scientific” is more familiar with natural science, social science and management (Suharyadi, 2013, p.1). According to Longman (2014) Scientific approach is defined as the process of finding out information in science, which involves testing the ideas by performing experiments and making decisions based on the result of analysis. It means that scientific approach is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, and correcting and integrating previous knowledge.

Scientific Approach is particularly relevant to the three learning theories, namely the theory of Bruner, Piaget’s theory, and the theory of Vygotsky. Bruner theory of learning is called discovery learning theory. There are four main things related to learning theories of Bruner by Carin;Sund (in Daryanto, 2014: 52). They are:a. Individuals learn and develop his mind only when he uses his mind.b.

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By doing cognitive processes in the discovery process, students will gain sensation and intellectual satisfaction which is an intrinsic reward.c. The only way that a person can learn the techniques of doing discovery is that it has the opportunity to conduct discovery.

d. By making the discovery will strengthen memory retention.


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