Science further associations that were found during

Science News HomeworkSummary) Author Aimee Cunningham writes the article, “Fracking Linked to Low Birth Weights in Pennsylvania Babies”, discussing how the studies of recent births records finds association between infant health and mom’s proximity to production sites. As this new study shows, living near gas productions can have detrimental effects on the healthy weight for newborns.

Fracking is where liquids are injected underground at high pressures to extract oil and natural gas from hard to reach places. Pam Factor-Litvak, an epidemiologist at Columbia University was conducting this experiment when he found that there were additional factors that contributed to underweight babies in Pennsylvania. He believes the extreme levels of maternal stress, are due to noise and continuous traffic to and from the sites.

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These are the further associations that were found during this study. The results showed that expecting moms living within one kilometer of a hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) site in the state had a 25 percent greater chance of being born underweight, than did babies whose moms lived at least three kilometers away, this data signals that the main cause of this dilemma is the numerous amounts of fracking sites that can cause damage to babies. These results indefinitely point to a concern of fracking, however work remains to discover the mechanism behind the evident connections to low birth weight.  Q2) I chose this article because a couple years ago I had a mini project on fracking and nuclear radiation. I knew these chemicals and processes were very harmful. I saw this article on Science News and I found it very intriguing to read about a current issue with fracking, as this hasn’t been a major problem for a long time.

This news relates to science because these studies fall under health and pollution sciences, where there are real world applications with this topic. This experiment had a hypothesis, data sets, and conclusions which any strong test should have. This problem can be applied to anyone, more specifically women, as soon to be babies could be born underweight due to an unnatural cause.

Moms around the world could apply this to their own lives in being hazardous towards high radiation and what environment they are in. This study greatly benefits expectant women since they now know the reason why many babies are born premature. This study raises awareness and ensures many people know how to solve this problem on their own (out of consciousness). The public can simply inform people they know who are expecting to be conscious of their surroundings.


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