School structured environment you become dependent on your

School plays an important role in our lives. Many people will spend more then fifteen years at school to get the qualifications that are required to work in specific field. Those years are broken down into several level, some of them being more enjoyable than others. Two very important level that people go through are high school and college. Even though some think that these levels are almost the same, there are significant differences between them.
In high school students find their self developing at an accelerated rate. Students have little more freedom than middle school. There is a time schedule which one must go by. High school is a very structured environment you become dependent on your teachers. The teacher seems to watch out for students almost like they are their own children. They correct them, and they guide them. Most teachers remind students their responsibilities, help them set goals and assign a very decent amount of homework. Teacher approach students as if they believe they need assistance. They provide students with missed works if they are absent and often remind students to complete this work. Most of the teachers will lets students turn in their homework late if they give them an excuse. Teachers are always on students about attendance. If they miss to many days, they can fail. If they are not in class they want to know why. Some schools even want student parents to call the explain the reason of absent. In high school student borrow the books from school and schools have no fees. Students can have studied comfortably at home before a test. High school grades are dependent on the achievement or failure of courses.
In college student become totally independent because professor don’t really care student is in the class or not. A person must pay for the education in college. So, if a student doesn’t live up the expectations of college they know they wasted their hard-earned money, or their parents. All it means is that if student is not there, student is going to get a failing grade. If it happens too often. Missing too many will cause the teacher to withdraw student from the class, resulting in a failing grade. The many different choices one makes, and the repercussions of those decisions will be theirs and theirs alone, because now a student is an adult in college. Personal freedom is an incredibly important thing people like to have. It prepares a person to develop an understanding to get a job in a certain career. Therefore, they study those required courses and finish their education with a degree and starts a career. In college, one continues their way of discovering who they are, and by the time they graduate, they have discovered themselves and are comfortable in their own skin. College prepares students to face real world, and how to handle it.
In the conclusion some may think high school and college are same, but they have so many things different but high school prepares us for college and colleges prepare us for the future.


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